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  • Location: Third floor. After collecting 50 Power Stars, the entrance is in the face of the clock.
  • Description: A tall level with swinging pendulums and a long drop.

Tick Tock Clock is the fourteenth course in the game. 50 stars are required to access it. It is possible to alter the speed at which time flows in this level, making some stars easier or harder to get. To change the speed you need to enter when the clock is at different times.

  • Stopped: Minute (long) hand at 12 (The :00 mark).
  • Slow: Minute hand at 3 (The :15 mark).
  • Random: Minute hand at 6 (The :30 mark).
  • Fast: Minute hand at 9 (The :45 mark).

Star 1: Roll Into The Cage[edit]

Super Mario 64 DS
This Star was changed to Luigi in the Cage, and there will be no entrance. You will need to go further in the level to find a ? Block. Get the Power Flower and you will fall through the grated platform. You will then have to enter the cage and collect the Star.

Easier with time stopped. Proceed up the clock. After a little ways, you will see a star in a cage. Ride the rotating platform into the cage, and get the star.

Star 2: The Pit And The Pendulums[edit]

Super Mario 64 DS
This Star was changed to The Pendulum Switch Star, and you need to step on the Star Switch. This is pretty much the same challenge as the original, just with a time limit stacked on top of it.

Easiest with time stopped. Go a little farther than the first star, and jump past the pendulums to the star.

Star 3: Get A Hand[edit]

Easiest with time fast. Go up to the cage after the three rotating yellow blocks, to where the rotating hand is. Stand on it and let it swing you around to where the star is. Another strategy is to go up to the cage like in the first star, then fall down to the platform below (it's possible to complete the star with the time stopped if you do it this way.)

Alternate: Go the same path you would for star one, time stopped. Before entering the cage, stop on the round piece, the star is directly below. It's tricky, but if you drop down pushing right you can slip on the ledge.

Star 4: Stomp On The Thwomp[edit]

Easiest with time slowed. Go as far up as you can. Eventually, you will get to a dead-end. Wait until a clock hand comes around, get on it, and stay on it all the way to the other side of the level. You will find a Thwomp. Jump onto the Thwomp and jump up to the Star.

It is, however, possible to get this star with the clock stopped, it just requires some creative wall jumps and a triple jump/wall jump combination under the conveyor belt where the Thwomp is.

DS strategies[edit]

It is also possible to get the star by getting to the top of the level with Mario, where you will find a red "?" box. Hit it, and a Power Flower pops out. Use this to float across to the star. Do not touch the pole. It will deactivate the Power Flower. This is only possible with Mario because Luigi's Power Flower gives him the ability to turn invisible and pass through walls. Wario's Power Flower gives him super-strength and heaviness.

Star 5: Timed Jumps On The Moving Bars[edit]

Easiest with time slowed. Above star 3, you will see three beams moving in and out of the wall. Climb them to the star..

Super Mario 64 DS
You will need Wario for this star because there is a black brick blocking the star.

Star 6: Stop Time For Red Coins[edit]

A map of Tick Tock Clock, with all the red coin locations marked out.

Easiest with time stopped. Get all 8 red coins. They are on the rotating platforms to the right of the start.

Star 7: Tick Tock Silver Stars (Nintendo DS)[edit]

In this Star, you don't really have to do anything. All the Silver Stars do is rain down! If a Silver Star falls down the center hole before you get it, it will loop all the way back to the top. After collecting the Silver Stars, you will need to go to the pole-jumping area. Ride the platforms over to your Star.

Star 7(8 For DS): 100 Coins[edit]

Super Mario 64 DS
Various coins no longer exist. To compensate, there are more blue coins from the blue coin switch, and various Goombas around the level.

Collect 100 coins. Easiest with time stopped.

  1. When you start, head to the right, and kill the two Bob-ombs for two coins.
  2. Head down to the lower part of the ledge and hit the ! Block for ten coins.
  3. Collect all 8 red coins on the platforms for 16 coins total.
  4. Jump down from the platforms and head to the left. Just above the first cube, there are two coins.
  5. Continue on the platforms, and head to the right after the pendulum. Hit the ! Block for three coins.
  6. Keep heading up the path. The next ! Block contains another 3 coins.
  7. After the hexagonal platforms is an Amp going around a pole. Next to the pole are 5 coins.
  8. Climb up the pole. On the next platform are two ! Blocks both containing 3 coins each.
  9. Jump past that platform, over the triangle, and to the two pendulums. Hit the blue coin switch and quickly head back to the previous platform, where there are seven blue coins for a massive 35 coins total.
  10. Head to the Timed Jumps On Moving Bars star. Don't collect it, but jump on the cage on top of it, and hit the ! Block for another 3 coins.
  11. Long jump over to the lone platform near where you are. Climb up to the path, and carefully walk past the four blocks which would normally spring out. Head back to jump in the cage and hit the ! Block for ten coins.
  12. Jump over the treadmills to the next ! Block, with another 3 coins.
  13. Keep going to the next ! Block, which has 10 coins. You should have 100 coins by now.

1-Up Locations[edit]

The following is a list of where to find all 4 green mushrooms in Tick Tock Clock.

  • Climb the pole that is being surrounded by an Amp.
  • Just after that pole, ride the elevator up and jump over the three blocks that spring out. On the platform just ahead of them is a 1-Up.
  • Past the cage with the ! Block with the 10 coins in it, there are three rotating platforms. Carefully jump on them, and there is ! Block with another 1-Up.
  • At the top of the clock there are two ! Blocks next to each other. One has 10 coins, the other has a 1-Up.