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  • Location: Second floor. When you climb up the winding stairs and enter the door, the painting is right in front of you.
  • Description: Water level with Skeeters, a Chuckya, and three Heave Hos.
  • Bob-omb Buddy: Jump in to the painting at the top (you can do this by standing 2 squares away from the painting and backflip in). The Bob-omb buddy is on a platform just above the water level.

Wet-Dry World is the eleventh course in Super Mario 64 and its remake Super Mario 64 DS. Depending on how high you enter the painting, that's how much the course will be filled with water.

Star 1: Shocking Arrow Lifts[edit]

Touch the highest switch in the level (straight ahead from where you start, on the 45 degree slope). Swim to where the star is (a yellow block just above water level) and hit it for the star.

Star 2: Top o' The Town[edit]

Go as high as you can and walk across the long plank. The star is on the highest platform. Watch out for the purple magnet, it will throw you off the platform into the water, where you do not want to go.

Star 3: Secrets In The Shallows And The Sky[edit]

Find all 5 secret spots. One is behind the block that you push at the very bottom of the level, one is in the yellow box that you can get by standing on the block that you push at the very bottom of the level, one is behind the block you push into a hole near one of the catapolters, one is in the yellow box above the cage with the star in it (hit the purple switch near the cage to activate a set of stairs to reach it), and one is in the yellow box on top of the small pillar that the shocker (Amp) is spinning around.

Star 4: Express Elevator — Hurry Up!![edit]

Get the water all the way down and ground pound the block by the tall thin cage. Get up to the top of the cage and ride the elevator down. Quickly go in and ride it back up to the star. Hopping off the elevator once it starts moving will allow you to get to the ground more quickly, buying you some time to get inside the cage to ride the elevator back up, though you will probably receive 2 damage pieces.

Star 5: Go To Town For 8 Red Coins[edit]

Run towards the wet-dry world painting, then jump as high as you can into it. The water level should be high enough for you to jump over the cage in the corner. If you are unable to jump over the edge, the water will be sufficiently high to use the cannon in the opposite corner of the cage entrance to fire yourself up and into the cage. Jump into it and as quick as you can, try to get through the tunnels and into the underwater town. Once you get there, turn around until you see a pyramid that helps lower or raise the water. Get to it as fast as possible! Alternatively if you want to look around for a bit before lowering the water, you can swim up to fresh air first. Now here's where the red coins are:

  1. Where the pyramid statue is are steps up to the small castle building. The first step up is where a box is. All but one of the red coins are hidden in similar boxes. You can break them open by punching or ground pounding them.
  2. Jump further up onto the wall. You'll see two brick boxes, one on the left and one on the right. Ground pound one of them.
  3. On the other side of the wall is another one. Do the same thing.
  4. Look over at the wall again. You will see a little castle with a star shadow in the entryway. Go over to it and jump onto the roof, then use a back flip to reach the coin on the roof.
  5. The next 4 coins are in boxes on the roofs of buildings. Reach the top of the building right across from the opening in the wall by doing wall jumps, or by climbing to the top of the tree farthest in the corner, and jumping there. Jump onto the roof and ground pound/hit the box.
  6. Now go between the two buildings (one is dark brick, one light grey brick) that has boxed grass/slime sitting in the middle. Try jumping up the walls. You will see on the roof of one a box. Ground pound it.
  7. Look at the opposite building's roof. Jump over and ground pound/punch the box on that side.
  8. Go over to the left of the castle. You will see two more walls (white brick and a cage with a ? box in it). Jump up the walls jumping off the cage and the building. On the roof of the white building, you will see a box. Ground pound it.

The star will appear in the entrance of the castle. Go get it to complete this level!

Star 6: Quick Race Through Downtown[edit]

Super Mario 64 DS
You can also get this star by finding the Luigi cap. Then go to the red ? box to turn invisible and run to the cage. Once inside, triple jump to get on the platforms and grab the star.

Go to the town (see star 5) and get the Vanish Cap and run in to the cage on the other side of the level. Use wall jumps to get to the star at the top. Another way to get the star is once you're in the cage, backflip on to the vanishing cap box and then long jump over to the platform. You can also get the blue vanishing cap and run behind a red tiled roof. You have to quickly run to the cage where there is a brown box and backflip up to the steps.

Star 7: Soaked Silver Stars (Nintendo DS)[edit]

Three stars are in the open; if the water level is high they will be underwater and easy to swim to. One star is in a brick at the bottom, lower the water level completely and punch them (if you're Yoshi you'll need a cap). One star is very high, above the central platform, so raise the water level to its highest point in order to use the cannon; align the bottom of the field of view with the top of the sloping pipe (if Luigi; aiming may differ for other characters). The gold star is then on a platform near the cannon, you will again need the water level at its highest to reach it.

Star 7: 100 Coins[edit]

Collect 100 coins.

  1. Enter the painting at the bottom, so the water level is at the lowest point. There is a Skeeter there for three coins.
  2. Head over to the wall, where there are four brick blocks. Punch them all for 12 coins total.
  3. Run to the opposite side of the stage. Push the steel block under the ! Block, and hit it for 10 coins.
  4. Jump onto the first level. Ground pound the blue coin switch and get the six blue coins for 30 coins in total.
  5. Jump on the Skeeter for another three coins.
  6. Use the Heave Ho's to get up to the third level. Run around the thick pole for 8 coins.
  7. Climb onto the pole and hit the ! Block for 10 coins.
  8. Head to the steel block and push it under the ! Block. Hit it for three coins.
  9. Climb up to the fourth level and chuck the Chuck-ya for 5 coins.
  10. Run the other way to get five coins in a line.
  11. Run through the switch near those coins to raise the water level. Swim down near the beginning to the white block, where there are five coins in a line.
  12. Swim back up to the top. Go to the platform just under the Top o' The Town star, and carefully long jump over to the cage surrounding the Express Elevator — Hurry Up!! star. Hit the ! Block for 10 more coins, which should get you the 100 coin star.

1-Up Locations[edit]

The following is a list of where to find all 3/4 green mushrooms in Wet-Dry World.

  • Two are in the floating tube and can be accessed with the cannon.
  • In two ! Blocks downtown. Note: there is only one in the Nintendo 64 version.
  • Downtown: collect all the coins around the statue in the center to reveal a mushroom