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Wario's minigames require a lot of skill. It involves destroying Bob-ombs, rolling a snowball down a course, and much more.

Bob-omb Squad[edit]

The parachuting Bob-ombs are destroying your flowers! Use your slingshot to knock them out of the air. Hit Lakitu to blow them all up.

Oh, no!!! The Bob-ombs are parachuting from the sky and trying to destroy your flowers! You will need to use your slingshot to knock them out of the sky. If you hit a Lakitu, all of the parachuting Bob-ombs will explode. This minigame gets harder as you progress through it, as the Bob-ombs start parachuting faster. Blow 'em up before all of your flowers are dead.

Snowball Slalom[edit]

Rub the Touch Screen to roll the snowman's head to the goal before time runs out! Rocks will slow you down, as will touching his head!

In this minigame, you need to roll the snowman's head to the finish line. Try to avoid rocks on the road as they will slow you down. Can you get to the finish line before time runs out?

Bingo Ball[edit]

Launch a ball into a numbered slot on the Touch Screen. That number will light up the top screen. Get 3 numbers in a row to score!

Use a plunger to launch the ball (similar to pinball). If a ball hits a Star, the wheel will change direction. You will need to get the ball into a numbered slot on the Touch Screen. Get more points by getting three numbers in a row. If you get the ball into all of the numbered slots, you win! You can get even more points if there are some balls left over.


Pay attention to where the falling coins land. Touch the blocks to retrieve the coins. But, if you choose the wrong block, your game will end.

Yay!!! Coins are raining from the sky!!! Anyway, you will see falling coins, and you have to pay close attention to which bricks they're going to land in. The bricks can contain one, two, or three coins. But some of them contain no coins at all. If you choose any of those bricks, the minigame will end.

Psyche Out![edit]

Are you psychic? Can you guess what's on the card's other side? Maybe if you stare at it long enough, a vision will come to you.

There are two cards on the Touch Screen, one of them matching the one on the top screen. You will need to pick the right one. You can kind of see what picture is on the other side. In later levels, more cards will appear, making them harder.

Slots Shot[edit]

The bars swing open when a ball goes in a Piranha Plant. Sink the ball into the pipe to trigger the slots Switch. Get 3 items in a row for a bonus!

As with Bingo Ball, the balls are launched in pinball-style. There are Mushrooms and 1-Up Mushrooms that give you 300 points if you hit them. You also get the balls into holes to score points. There are two Piranha Plants in this minigame as well. If a ball goes into one, the bars blocking the pipe will open. If a ball goes into both Piranha Plants, the bar above the pipe will disappear. There is an ! Switch at the bottom of the pipe. This switch activates the slots machine. If you get three items in a row (Fire Flowers, Stars, or 7s) you will win more points.

Lakitu Launch[edit]

Shoots as many balls as you can into the tubs within the allotted time.

Use the slingshot to get the Spinys into the giant shells that the Lakitus are carrying. At the end of this minigame, the Spinys are counted and you will get a point for each Spiny.

Intense Coincentration[edit]

There aren't as many falling coins this time around, but that won't stop Wario. Watch the coins carefully!

This minigame is similar to Coincentration, except there are less coins. Pay attention to which bricks the coins will land in. As before, if you choose the wrong brick, the minigame will end.

Giant Snowball Slalom[edit]

Roll the snowball over a longer course! As before, avoid rocks because they'll slow the player down.

As with Snowball Slalom, you need to roll a snowball over a course, but the track is longer. Avoid rocks and penguins, since they'll slow you down. You also need more time to get to the finish line.