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You've finally made it through World 2. Congratulations! On the map you will find such tricks as quicksand that traps you or places where you need to dig deep into the ground. Even though you've come this far, you won't have it easy. Don't let your guard down. Triclyde has three heads and spits flames from every one of them. Talk about bad breath!

Balanced character selection
Even though Toad is the master of the Desert, it's time to give him a rest. You've got a powerful boss fight ahead of you, so it's time bring out the all-star, Mario. Mario is no slouch in the Desert either, and he'll be able to stand up to Triclyde's scorching attack.

Map A[edit | edit source]

Part 1[edit | edit source]

(1) Sub-space. Climb up the ladder from where you begin this stage in the underground and pull out the clump of grass on your right. There's the potion. Create a Sub-space door on the hill to the left and get a Mushroom, but avoid the coin.

(2) It's not so easy to get inside here. This is tough. Jump on Beezo's head, jump again, and go to the door at the top of the hill. Go into this room, get the potion, and open a door to Sub-space. You'll get one Mushroom and a pile of coins. As long as you did not collect a coin near the first Mushroom, exit the room and reenter to create another door to Sub-space and collect even more coins. Remember, you can only collect coins from two of your visits to Sub-space, so make those visits count.

Part 2[edit | edit source]

On this stage you'll need to do a little hitchhiking on the backs of the Beezos to reach high platforms. The Beezos fly too fast for you to stay on, so you'll have to leap off quickly before you fall off. Soon you'll meet the Albatoss, and he can carry you as far as you want to go.

Play it safe. You got Beezos to worry about in the air and quicksand to worry about on the ground. Most of the quicksand can be avoided by safely jumping from one cactus or bones to another. Wait for the Beezos to fly by, and then make your move.

Map B[edit | edit source]


(3) Get them all with POWs! After you enter the door of map B, go down to the right. Use the POWs on the Shyguys. In Super Mario Advance, this move should be enough to earn you a 1-Up!

Super Mario Advance Mushroom

In addition to earning that potential extra life in Advance, pay careful attention to the potion that you can pick up from the platform above the drop. Bring it with you as you fall, and then set it on top of the sand below. Step through the resulting door, and you will locate the third hidden mushroom in Sub-space.

(4) Take a key and they're all yours. In the middle of map B, you'll come to door C which leads to map C, but it's locked! If you want to get in, you'll have to go through door D at the very bottom of map B, take the key, and come back up again. But watch out—Phanto will come to life and come after that key. And he never gives up trying to get exactly what he wants!

Map C[edit | edit source]

Part 1[edit | edit source]

One last chance for Starman. Whether you're close to revealing Starman, or starting over from scratch, you'll have another opportunity to summon him here if you dig down into the sand for the cherries. Once you've made him appear, collect him and scoot below the Panser on the top of the hill while you're invincible. Of course, if you're playing Super Mario Advance, you'll want to reach the top of the hill in order to collect the fifth and final A-coin.

Part 2[edit | edit source]

Grab the lone Crystal Ball and head through the hawkmouth gate to face the boss.

Boss: Triclyde[edit | edit source]

Defeat Triclyde! Triclyde is a three-headed Cobrat that spits fireballs. You'll need equal portions of smarts and courage to finish off this slithering serpent. On the floor is a stack of Mushroom Blocks. Use the blocks to build a wall to guard yourself from Triclyde's fireballs. Then grab one of the Mushroom Blocks from the bottom and carry it up to the top platform. Jump up and throw it at Triclyde. If you fall to the floor below, don't panic, you return to safety behind the wall that you built. Hit Triclyde three times and you'll knock him out. You'll also find a Tweeter bouncing around on the floor which you can use as a weapon against Triclyde in a pinch.