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Super Mario Bros. 3 has several differences in the Japanese (Famicom) version and English (NES) version. None of these are retained as differences between the Japanese and English differences of the Super Mario All-Stars port of SMB3. Both versions are either like the Japanese Famicom or like the English version, depending on the difference.

The differences are:

  • The Japanese version and All-Stars version has an iris-in effect before a level starts, and then an iris-out effect after it. The English version has only an iris-in effect.
  • In the Japanese version Fire or Raccoon Mario will become small Mario after one hit. In both the English version and All-Stars port, Fire or Raccoon Mario will only go down to Super Mario.
  • In the World 1 Fortress, in the room with the spiked ceiling, the Japanese version has 3 blocks after the door. The English version and All-Stars port has the wall immediately after the door.
  • In the Japanese version, when the king of a world is transformed, the room has 3 columns and Mario starts out on the left. In the English version, there are 2 columns and Mario starts in the middle.
  • In the Japanese version, Frog/Tanooki/Hammer Mario will have a suit fly off in response to a hit. This suit fly off was removed in the English version.
  • In the Japanese version, if Mario uses a warp whistle while in the World 3 canoe, Mario and the canoe will go together into the Warp Zone and Mario can go into the water the island is inside, and he's stuck unless he uses another warp whistle. This was fixed in the English version; Mario alone will go into the Warp Zone.
  • In Level 5-1, the Japanese version has a pipe that must be entered before getting to the goal panel, making an unnecessary glitch possible. In the English version, the pipe was removed and the goal panel was moved to the area where the pipe was in the Japanese version.
  • When Mario has a Kuribo shoe, in the Japanese version, he will become small Mario after a hit. In the English version, Mario will lose the shoe, but remain in the same power-up condition he was in before the hit.
  • In the World 8 Battleships, it is possible to swim under the battleships. In the Japanese version, if this trick is done, it is only possible to get back up with a Frog Suit or P-wing because the wall is too tall otherwise. In the English version, the upper right corner of the last battleship was removed to make it possible to get back up.