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Treasure ship[edit | edit source]

The treasure ship can be unlocked on worlds 1, 3, 5 and 6 (i. e. those that do not have custom Hammer Brother variations).

To do so, you must beat any level while fulfilling the following requirements:

  • Your coin total must be a multiple of 11 (such as 11, 22, 33, 44,..., but not 00)
  • The tens digit of your score must match the digit of your coin score (i. e. 22350 points and 55 coins).
  • You must finish the level with an even time, because your score increases by 50 for each second left. It will guarantee that the tens digit of your score won't change after beating the level. (You may also finish the level with an odd time, if the tens digit of your score is five more or five less than the digit of your coin score. It will result in the tens digit of your score changing to the one matching the digit of your coin score after beating the level).

If these requirements are fulfilled at the end of the level, one of the Hammer Bros. will transform into the treasure ship.

  • This ship is similar to the airships, but filled with coins for you to collect. Be sure to jump up at the middle to not get crushed by the screen.
  • Before the pipe, there's a hidden 1-up mushroom.
  • Inside the ship, you'll have to fight against two Boomerang Bros. to beat the treasure ship.

N-Spade game solutions[edit | edit source]

The following table will present all eight of the possible N-Spade mini game solutions. When a new N-Spade game has begun, one of these eight pre-configured solutions will be chosen at random. Once you can determine which pattern has been chosen, you can reference this chart to uncover all of the items.

To determine which solution to follow, try turning over the first (leftmost) card in the middle and bottom rows. Of the eight possibilities, only two solutions have the same contents for these cards; a 10 coin card and a star. If you don't find the 10 coin card and a star, you will know exactly which solution to follow. If you do find them, turn over the third card from the left on the bottom. If you find another star, uncover the first one that you found in the corner. If you find a 20 coin card instead, it's match is immediately to the left. Note that the last (rightmost) three cards in the bottom row are always the same for every pattern.

Secret King messages[edit | edit source]

Beat the boss of any world with either the Frog, Tanooki or Hammer Suit. The king will then say a different message.

  • Frog Suit: Oh me, oh my! You've been transformed! Shall I change you back with this wand?
  • Tanooki Suit: Thank you, kind raccoon. Please tell me your name.
  • Hammer Suit: Hey, you! How about lending me your clothes? No dice?! What a drag.

Unlimited items[edit | edit source]

Find a map with one or more of Toad's mushroom treasure houses (Worlds 1-7), open a chest to get items. Die 5 times (or try a hard level 5 times) to get Game Over. After a game over, go to Toad's treasure house again and pick up items. You will keep all items even after a game over, so this is a great way to stockpile items.