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Bubble Breeze Galaxy is accessible from the Kitchen observation dome. You need 19 Stars to enter.

This galaxy consists of several islands surrounding by a swamp. The swamp will kill you instantly if you fall in. For most of this galaxy, you will be riding a bubble.

Star 1: Through the Poison Swamp[edit]

Jump from island to island, heading up the right-hand path. Listen to Phil Board's instructions on how to ride inside bubbles. Jump into a bubble and use the pointer to blow yourself around with A.

Head back the way you came, then up. Explore the immediate area, avoiding the floating mines. You will need to collect 5 Star Chips. If you wish, you can touch the ? Coins to release trails of coins. When all 5 Chips have been collected, go to the island in the middle and use the Launch Star to fly to a new area.

Jump into another bubble and follow the path. Negotiate past rotating wooden structures until you reach another island. From here on there are a couple of optional branches off the most direct path which you can collect more coins if you wish. To open the wooden gates to these areas you will need to press Z to leave the bubble (when you are over land!) and Ground Pound the blue buttons.

Follow the path and collect the Star at the end.

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