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Freezeflame Galaxy is accessible from the Bedroom observation dome. You need 26 Stars to enter.

Star 1: The Frozen Peak of Baron Brrr[edit]

You start on a ring-like planet made of ice. There you will meet a penguin who will get you to catch him. Skate into him and a Launch Star with Pull Stars will appear so get the Launch Star.

You will arrive at the bottom of a mountain. Take the board's advice to not fall in the water (you will lose health). Go and grab the question coin to get an Ice Flower. Use it to get to a Launch Star that will take you to the top.

Boss Fight: Baron Brr[edit]


  • Snow Pound
  • Shards of Ice

Strategy: First, jump around the platforms and get to the Ice Flower, then get up the platform Baron Brr is on by wall jumping. Now, avoid the ice he shoots at you, but when he snow pounds, jump over the snow and spin at him( you can also do it when he's in the air), then quickly touch him before he falls down. Do it 3 times.

Star 2: Freezeflame's Blistering Core[edit]

Use flames to light pots, to turn on mechanisms that allow you to advance

Star 3: Hot and Cold Collide[edit]

After getting the fire flower, go back to the water side to light the pots.

Star 4 (Cosmic Comet): Frosty Cosmic Mario Race[edit]

This Star is available when a Prankster Comet is in this Galaxy.

Really easy, unlike the other Cosmic Comet races. Simply run across the ice, skate when it's not too dangerous, and get to the star before your double.

Star 5 (Purple Comet): Purple Coins on the Summit[edit]

This Star is available when a Purple Comet is in this Galaxy.

You need to collect all 100 Purple Coins, with no time limit.

There are quite a few hidden coins, like two hidden by the base of the slide at the beginning of the level. Make sure to look carefully for any not-so-obvious coins by changing the camera whenever you can. If you miss a few coins, it's okay because there is a Sling Star close to the summit that you can use to get back to the bottom.

You may have trouble with the higher coin of the two on platforms beside the fountain at the base of the level. The easiest way to get it seems to be to grab the Ice Flower, run to the platform (making sure not to skate) opposite of the one with the high coin, and make sure that Mario is hugging it so that he doesn't slide. Then, run to the fountain and jump on it, do a double jump from the fountain to the platform, and finally do a triple jump and a spin to get the coin. Remember, this has to be done quickly because the Ice Flower might run out on you, so if you mess up with a jump, don't take a risk. Just go back to the platform with the Ice Flower, and wait for it to reappear.

Another easy strategy for this same high coin (although it requires that you risk at least one point in the water due to hypothermia, but there are coins galore to fix this if you haven't already used the bonus above the fountain) is, as Ice Mario, to backflip from the side of the small platform closest to the fountain to the spot below the coin. Let your Ice Flower suit run out, since Ice Mario hinders jumping ability. Then do your backflip and spin combo into the high coin. As indicated before, you'll have to accept a little damage swimming back to the Ice Flower.

Star 6 (Hidden): Conquering the Summit[edit]

Enter Star 1. After the big lake where the first ice flower appears, you need to get the ice flower, and very quickly make it up the fountains and use the double (triple) jump method to get up the high wall and get to a star that will take to up the hill.

Note: snowbird can be killed with flames.