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Correctly insert the Super Mario Galaxy Game Disc into the disc slot on your Wii console. The power on the Wii will turn on.

  1. When the screen on the right appears, read all of the information there and press A button.
    • This screen will appear even if you turn on the Wii first and then insert the Game Disc.
  2. Point at the Disc Channel on the Wii Menu Screen and press A button.
  3. The Channel Preview Screen will appear. Select Start and press A button.
  4. The Wrist Strap Reminder Screen will appear. When you are ready, press A button.
  5. A message will appear that says, "Would you like to create a Super Mario Galaxy save file?" Press A button to create a file.

New game[edit]

When playing from the beginning, you'll want to create a save file. When playing for the first time, choose a planet where you want to create your save file. When you create a file, you will return to the file-selection screen. Creating a file requires one free block of space in your Wii system memory. You can also mark your save file with a Mii stored in your Wii system memory.

Load game[edit]

From the file selection screen, choose a save file (planet) to play, and select "Play with this File" to continue from a previous save. Also, you can point at the P2 Star Pointer and press A button to display two-player controls.

File Selection Menu
  • Copy: Copy a save file to another planet.
  • Icon: Change the icon associated with a save file.
  • Erase: Erase a saved file. Once you've erased a file, it can't be recovered. Please be careful!


After completing a stage, you have the option to save your progress. Once data is erased, it cannot be restored, so please be careful. When you restart the game, your lives will be reset to five. See your Wii System Operations Manual for more information about how to erase files from Wii system memory.