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Gusty Garden Galaxy is accessible from the Bedroom observation dome. You need 24 Stars to enter.

Star 1: Bunnies in the Wind[edit]

There are some tricky one ups on this level. Grow vines on the brown side of the level, before traveling on the first top side vine to get your 1 up, and survive the experience. The big biting plant requires you give it a spin attack when it has thumped down, then jump on it to squish. You can catch the rabbit at the end, by using long jumps and by trying to cut him off, by cutting corners when he makes a turn. Once you've captured the rabbit, the star appears.

Star 2: The Dirty Tricks of Major Burrows[edit]

Boss fight.

When you reach the boss, if you break the empty crystals using a Spin Attack in the first stage, before the boss starts chasing you, they will be out of your way later.

Star 3: Gusty Garden's Gravity Scramble[edit]

There is a hidden Star on this level. For the time being, ignore the ? Coins.

Star 4 (Daredevil Comet): Major Burrows's Daredevil Run[edit]

This Star is available when a Prankster Comet is in this Galaxy.

This is a repeat of the boss fight from Star 2, except you only have one life point.

Star 5 (Purple Comet): Purple Coins on the Puzzle Cube[edit]

This Star is available when a Purple Comet is in this Galaxy.

You need to collect 100 out of the total 150 Purple Coins, within a 2 minutes 30 seconds time limit. Ignore the Goombas and just collect the 100 purple coins.

Star 6 (Hidden): The Golden Chomp[edit]

Enter Star 3. Hit all the ? Coins, then use Rainbow Mario to destroy the golden Chomp Head.