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As stars are gathered Hungry Lumas will appear in the starting area. If you feed them enough star bits they will fly off and transform into a new galaxy. Afterwards a normal Luma will be close to where the Hungry Luma was and will offer to help you travel to the new galaxy.

Sweet Sweet Galaxy[edit]

  • Hungry Luma Location: Left of the Terrace entrance. It appears after collecting 7 stars.
  • Star Bit cost: 400

Once unlocked, the Sweet Sweet Galaxy has 1 star available.

Rocky Road[edit]

This galaxy is made up of a simple path alternating between stationary platforms and a moving conveyor belt. These sections of moving floors drastically alter the speed Mario moves. It is important to consider the direction the floor ahead is moving.

Make note of these while traveling on a floor that is also moving.

  • When moving the same direction as the floor Mario’s speed is faster
  • When moving the opposite direction as the floor Mario’s speed is slower
  • Jumping will often cover more distance than expected.

At the beginning of the level you start on a square platform. Grab the 2 clusters of 3 star bits on either side of the moving floor ahead. The first moving floor is a rectangle with (mostly) circles and triangles cut from it. Along the path are 4 coins and 2 bars of electricity that need to be jumped over. If you hit one of the bars Mario will be momentarily stunned.

After the first set of moving floor is a stationary square area. To the right is the next rectangular path and 4 clusters of star bits to grab before continuing. This section of moving ground is made up of 4 strips you will have to run across. They alternate between scrolling left and right into the walls so be prepared for the opposite effect in pulling when crossing the border between strips. These strips also have circles cut from them and 4 possible coins.

The 3rd section of unmoving ground has a few lost toads on it. Follow the hallway to the end after talking with them. Before tackling this next section of moving floor take a look at the walls and take the cluster of star bits. This section of moving ground is very different than the last 2 encountered. The cut out shapes come in larger sizes and the floor moves like a wheel so as you advance the direction Mario is pulled will change. About halfway through is a 1up Mushroom. There will also be a few star bits that can only be gathered while on this segment of moving floor. Don’t let gathering them distract you into falling.

After getting off of the wheel moving floor you will be able to see the last set of moving floor. Advance towards is and collect the large clouds of star bits in the sky to either side of the path as they are revealed. This rectangular path of moving floor alternates from being made of sections of floating circles and solid sections missing similarly sized circles. This path also has a few more electric bars to jump over. Time your progress so the jumps occur over the type of cutouts you are better at maneuvering in.

At the end of this is a star topped cake surrounded by a few toads. Scale the cake and claim your star.

Drip Drop Galaxy[edit]

  • Hungry Luma Location: Left of the Kitchen entrance. It appears after completing Sunken Treasure in Beach Bowl Galaxy.
  • Star Bit cost:600

Once unlocked, the Drip Drop Galaxy has 1 star available.

Giant Eel Outbreak[edit]

After talking with the penguins dive into the water and explore a bit. There are both green and red shells scattered on the sea floor. There is a 1up Mushroom and Life Mushroom in 2 of the chests that can be opened with a shell.

The eels are constantly moving around and can be destroyed with the shells. If you are having difficulties hitting them then take the time to find the red shells instead of the green ones. They should hit their mark as long as you are looking at it.

Snow Cap Galaxy[edit]

  • Hungry Luma Location: Near the Garden. It appears after completing The Sinking Lava Spire in Melty Molten Galaxy.
  • Star Bit cost:1600

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