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Rosalina's Comet Observatory is the central hub of Super Mario Galaxy. It is the area from where all galaxies can be reached. The Observatory consists of six domes, a Library, the Toad Brigade's landing station, and the central area where you can find Rosalina, Polari the Luma elder, the Mailtoad, and the map.

SMG Observatory Map.jpeg

10 1-Ups to get from the Observatory[edit]

Can you get all 10 1-ups from the observatory?

  • 1 in a box in the Garage.
  • 1 under the Library.
  • 1 under the stairway to the Kitchen.
  • 1 under the Gateway (need red star).
  • 1 at the peak of the observatory (need red star).
    • 5 from the mailtoad (usually).