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Star 1: Throwback Throwdown[edit]

When you land in this galaxy you stomp on a giant egg...

Boss 1: Dino Piranha[edit]

When you crack his egg, a tail with a club will appear from the egg. Spin attack this tail to crack the egg. The first boss battle has officially begun! Dino Piranha will start to chase you. Quickly swerve around him and spin attack his club which will rebound and strike his head. Now Dino Piranha will be enraged. There is no difference in section except he is a bit faster. Use the same tactic as before. Finally, he will charge at you but this time after you hit him once there is no cutscene and he will keep following you. Hit him once more and Dino Piranha is done.

Boss 2: King Kaliente[edit]

Comet Medal
The Comet medal is on the underside of the planet. Backflip after collecting the Life Mushroom to get it.

The next boss is King Kaliente, who is similar to Prince Pikante. For the first stage, dodge his triple fire coconuts. Next hit the watermelon he shoots at you and it will go back and hit him. The second stage is the same, except after hitting the watermelon, he will hit is back at you and you must hit it once more, like tennis. Finally, in his third stage he will spew out a few blue creatures around. These, when touched, will have the same effect as touching lava so if you think you might hit one, toss a starbit at it to kill it. He will then throw a watermelon which must be hit 3 times to defeat King Kaliente. Head on over to the launch star and go to the next area.

Boss 3: Major Burrows[edit]

Another dig enemy, the next boss is Major Burrows. When you land on his planet, he will be digging around it. Watch him closely. When his head pops up, ground pound somewhere around him and then spin him. He will then completely bury himself, making it impossible to predict where he'll come up, but you should watch for dirt spewing up, as that gives away his position. He'll chase you, but you have to attack again. He'll get mad and go again. This time, to completely expose him, you need to ground pound him twice: Once to get him to steam after above ground, and the second time to mobilize him so you can spin him. Hop into the Launch star for Boss 4

Boss 4: Bouldergeist[edit]

This boss can be very fun, extremely hard, or both. Luckily for the people who think it's hard, a flag is found right before it. For the first part, his main attack is pelting rocks at you. There are three kinds of rocks: Gray ones that simply try to hurt you, yellow ones that release one coin each, and black ones, which release Bomb Boos. You can destroy these rocks with Star Bits. When a Bomb Boo is released, spin near it to start spinning it. Try to wham them into Bouldergeist, as that is your only attack that will damage it. Remember: you can walk and spin a Boo at the same time. However, holding it for a prolonged time will make you take damage, and it takes two spins to release one, if you haven't spun after picking it up. Occasionally, Bouldergeist send up a wall of stalagmites. If you're standing on a place it's coming up, and it comes up under you, you will lose a health point. You can spin to destroy a stalagmite. If you make three Bomb Boos explode into the boss, it'll reveal its true form. Swing one into it again, and it'll grow arms. For this part, you will also have to avoid its punches and when it slams its arms into the battle area. Your attacks, however, stay the same: Swing three Bomb Boos into it, and then swing another into the true form. It'll explode to release a Launch star to a small planet to serve as a resting planet before the final boss.

Boss 5: Fiery Dino Piranha[edit]

This boss is basically the first boss with a few added difficulties. You can only spin the tail while it isn't on fire, the fire leaves a trail, and the boss itself is faster. The final hit can be extremely hard, because while the boss is spitting fireballs, he doesn't slow down, and the tail quickly changes between its two conditions. Spinning even just half a second too late can be deadly. When you defeat this boss, it releases the Power Star.

When you finish this level, a Green Luma will appear on Starship Mario.

Star 2 (Prankster Comet): Throwback Throwdown Speed Run[edit]

Repeat Star 1 within a time limit of 5 minutes.

Green Star 1[edit]

On the planet with Major Burrows, as soon as you land, go up to the tree and move left until you see a place where the tree kind of caves in. Backflip and wall jump to reach the star.

Green Star 2[edit]

When Bouldergeist first appears for the fight, move along the back side around to the other side of the battle area. If needed, reset the camera and jump down to the star.