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Head in the Clouds[edit]

First planet

Start out by avoiding the Flaptack and picking up the Could Flower in front of you. Using clouds or long jumping or both, take the platforms across to the next area. Stand on the wooden stage and jump up and create a cloud so the wind pushing you over to the drums. Take the drums up and you'll see a ? Coin on the top one. Grabbing the ? Coin creates two columns of coins on the drum, so position yourself over them and collect them as you fall down. Next, jump up to the cymbal and take the Launch Star to the next planet.

Second planet

On this planet you'll see a checkpoint and a Hungry Luma that wants 30 coins to open the planet with the hidden star on it. Create another cloud on the wooden stage and you'll be blown upward. Make the cloud on the side of the stage so you don't run directly into the block above you. As you go up, watch for shadows of blocks and run out of the way when you run into them from below. At the top your cloud will dissipate, so quickly jump up to the grassy area or onto one of the boards sticking out from it. Here you'll find a Goomba and an Elite Octoomba along with the time trial warp pad. The time trial is filled with Paragoombas and spinning will only waste time if you still have clouds, so just jump their heads to defeat them and gain three 1-Up Mushrooms. Ground pound the springboard up where the Elite Octoomba is and make a cloud to be pushed over to the next platform. Here you can jump down below to get a 1-Up Mushroom and Cloud Flower. On top of the platform, take the Launch Star to the next planet.

Third planet
Comet Medal
The Comet Medal is on the right inside the opening and closing building at the end of the level.

Hit the checkpoint flag and make a cloud as close to the wall as possible on top of the wind stage to avoid the spiky plants above. At the top, jump off to the right and create a cloud in the wind below to be pushed across the level. If you use a regular jump and go low enough, the Flaptack above won't even notice you. On the other side, jump onto the cloud platform and wall jump up the wooden structure, making a cloud at the top so you can jump to the right. Here's you'll want to long jump to the right and make clouds to get to the wind stage on the other side. The building above you opens and closes, so you'll want to quickly make your way up through it or make sure you're on a ledge within it if it closes so you don't get crushed. At the top, you'll see the Power Star next to a windmill that will push you away from it when you try to get up there. Start out as close to the windmill as you can get and quickly jump and make clouds to get to the star. When you finish this level, Luigi will appear on Starship Mario.

The Shadow Lining (Prankster Comet)[edit]

This is a Cosmic Clone star, so you want to stay on the move the whole time and don't backtrack. As you go along, blue blocks will fly in to create the path ahead of you, so don't worry if you don't see anything in front of you. Start out by following the blue path around picking up star pieces. After the second one your clones will show up, so just keep up the speed and don't miss any pieces when you run by them. When you pick up the last piece, your clones will disappear and a Launch Star will pop up.

In the next area, run to the right and wall jump up the wooden wall and blue blocks as your clones appear again. At the top, head to the right continue down the blue blocks until you can wall jump again up to a mini Launch Star. Jump across the blue blocks on the right to the next mini Launch Star and you'll be taken to the platform where the Power Star is waiting within a crystal. Just run over to the crystal and give it a couple spins to break it. Move to the side after the first spin or jump so your clone doesn't come up behind you and hit you.

Silver Stars in the Purple Pond (Hidden Star)[edit]

After taking the Launch Star at the top of the drums and cymbal, feed the Hungry Luma 30 coins and it will transform. Ride the Launch Star to a purple lake of anti-matter with clouds floating of the top of it. Run and jump along the clouds collecting the five silver stars and they'll combine to make a Power Star. When you pick up the first silver star, Cosmic Clones will appear, so don't backtrack. You'll also have to avoid a few Paragoombas. Just follow the natural course of the clouds until you get the third silver star, after which it's easier to come all with way down to the bottom left star, then use clouds to get to the top left one so you don't have to worry about rotating the camera. When you've got them all, head back to the starting platform to pick up the star.

Green Stars[edit]

The first Green Star is above the dinosaur hedge's head right where you start. Grab a Cloud Flower and take them straight up next to the dinosaur bush and you can't miss it. You can see the second Green Star from the top of the cymbal with the Launch Star on it. Take the drums up to the cymbal and long jump out toward it while creating clouds. The last Green Star is up by the Power Star. When the building below the Power Star spreads open, jump off the right side so you're below the Green Star, then use clouds to get up to it. You have to be somewhat quick, as the clouds will drift off to the left.