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Basic Controls[edit]

  • Neutral nunchuk: Move: Tilt Neutral nunchuk a little to walk and a lot to run.
  • A button:
    • Jump: You can jump in many different ways, depending on how you combine the jump with other actions. Try and find the best jump for every situation.
    • Confirm menu selections
    • Talk to people
    • Swim
    • Activate Pull Stars
    • Grab poles
    • Fire cannons
  • B button:
    • Shoot Star Bits
    • Cancel menu selections
  • Shake Remote button or Nunchuk button:
    • As you progress in the game, you will learn how to spin. Shake Remote button or Nunchuk button to spin and destroy obstacles or stun enemies. You may also need to spin to activate certain kinds of objects, so try spinning in different places to see what happens.
    • Climb vines
    • Activate Launch Stars
    • Grab and throw objects
    • Skate on ice
    • Use special abilities when transformed
  • Z button:
    • Duck
    • Dive in water
    • Drop out of bubbles
  • Neutral dpad: Move camera
  • C button: Center camera behind Mario
  • Minus button, Plus button: Pause

Advanced Techniques[edit]

  • Defeat enemies: You can defeat most enemies by stomping on them with a jump, stunning them with a spin, or shooting them with a Star Bit and then running into them. However, there are some that you can't defeat in these ways. You may need to spin to return an enemy's attacks or an item or mechanism to defeat some enemies.
  • Triple Jump: While running, press A button to jump. Press A button at the moment you land to jump again, and again at the moment you land for a third jump. If you time it right on the third jump you will jump especially high with a somersault.
  • Spin Jump: Spin in midair during every kind of jump to perform a spin jump. This has several benefits. Spinning lets you direct your landing with Neutral nunchuk. Jumping and then spinning at the peak of your jump allows you to go higher than in a normal jump; spinning at the end of a jump extends your jump time to avoid enemies and timed obstacles, and allows you to jump further.
  • Backflip: Hold Z button and press A button to jump backwards. You will leap high into the sky and slightly backward.
  • Long Jump: While running, hold Z button and press A button to jump across long distances.
  • Side Somersault: While running, tilt Neutral nunchuk in the opposite direction and press A button to perform a high jump with a turn.
  • Wall Jump: Face a wall and jump toward it, then continue to jump off the wall with good timing by pressing A button to kick off the wall. In areas where two walls face each other with a small gap, you can use this method to climb to the top.
  • Ground Pound: Press Z button in midair. Mario plummets straight down with great force. This can be used to break things, attack enemies, or activate certain switches.
  • Homing Stomp: Perform the Spin Jump, and press Z button while spinning. A variation of the Ground Pound that homes in on the nearest enemy, ground pound switch, or springboard, if one is in range.


  • Mount: Jump on Yoshi's back or spin next to him to mount him. You can then ride on him.
  • Flutter Jump: Jump and press A button in midair to perform Yoshi's Flutter Jump, allowing you to gain some extra height and distance.
  • Eat: Point at certain things with Remote button and press B button when Yoshi is close enough. Yoshi will shoot his tongue out at the target. Depending on what it is, this can have different effects. Usually he'll eat it. For certain things, Yoshi holds the object in his mouth, at which point you can point with Remote button and press B button to spit it out at something else. For some objects that are attached to the ground, Yoshi's tongue latches on to it, and then you can pull back on Neutral nunchuk to pull on it. Yoshi can also swing from some objects.
  • Head Shake: Shake Remote button or Nunchuk button to make Yoshi hit things with his head. This usually has the same effect as Mario's Spin attack.
  • Dismount: Press Z button+A button to jump off Yoshi's back.