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Fluzzard's Wild Battlefield Glide[edit]

Comet Medal
Like before, just fly through all five gates to open up the sphere guarding the Comet Medal at the end.

This galaxy is a lot like the other flying one, Wild Glide Galaxy, except you'll be flying around a space station instead of through a jungle river area. Like before, hold the remote like a paper airplane pointed at the screen and tilt it up and down to speed up and slow down and roll it left and right to glide in those directions. All you have to do is make to the end without running into too many obstacles and fly through the finish to get the Power Star.

The first gate is at the bottom of the first area, and when you get through the next two walls, follow the trail of Star Bits off to the left to find the second gate. The next one is behind the second Thwomp going down the corridor, so your timing will have to be good so it's up when you need to get through. The next gate is easy to spot when you get out of the tunnel and the last gate is at the very bottom of the area below the closing door to the outside. When you go through it you will see the Comet Medal revealed ahead of you.

Fastest Feathers in the Galaxy[edit]

Note: This star is only available when you get a letter from Jibberjay.

If you got the Comet Medal on the first star, then you know the route you need to take to win this race. Besides not running into anything, just make sure you don't fly too low when you first get out into the open and go around the station following the Star Bits. Try to stay as high as you can while still zooming, otherwise you might ground yourself before the tunnel and lose time.

Green Stars[edit]

The first Green Star is right in the beginning of the flight, just swoop down as hard as you can right at the start and try to grab it. The second Green Star is off to the left after you get out of the tunnel with the Thwomps in it. Glide over to the huge purple pillar on the left and when it fall over you'll see the Green Star hiding behind it.