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Flip-Flopping in Flipsville[edit]

First planet
Comet Medal
On the first planet, use the grate right below the blue warp pad and grab the Medal Comet.

The first planet looks like a house with no outer walls or roof, just four rooms on the top and bottom. You can ground pound the grates in the floor to flip to the other side and if you ground pound with a Pupdozer on the other side, you'll take it out. Start out by flipping to the underside of the planet and going over to the farthest grate to the right, under the shelf with some cans on it. Flip through the grate and you'll be in an area with two Pupdozers and an Octoomba. You'll also find a blue warp pad to a time trial here, consisting of a bunch of Twirlips. The grate next to the warp pad takes you to the Comet Medal and the next one takes you to an Octoomba and the Launch Star. Jump into the hole behind the Octoomba and use the grate there to flip to the Launch Star.

Second planet

Grab the checkpoint here, and after the Chomp crashes into your ledge, hurry over to the grate and flip through to the other side. Climb the steps and flip through grate at the top to find yourself on a dirt path that goes past an Octoomba on a ledge to a hole in the ground with a Life Mushroom in it. Be careful getting the mushroom, as two Chomps both fall in there. Past the hole in the ground, follow the path to another grate and flip through before the Chomp comes out of the hole next to it. You'll need to be careful on the other side as well, because you end up right in the path of another Chomp. Keep going and wait in the little clearing with the Octoomba for the two Chomps to crash into each other. Afterward, keep going to the right use the Launch Star at the end.

Third planet

Hit another checkpoint here, then use the grate farthest from the camera to flip to the other side and take the white ledges up to the ? square. From here you can jump onto a moving platform with a flip grate in it. Flip as soon as you get on it, then jump to the next platform and take it up to yet another one. On the third platform, flip to the bottom to avoid the spikes, then run over to a fourth platform. As soon as this one is out from under the spiky block, flip to the other side and take it to the next platform. Use the first flip grate, then one of the ones on the bottom to get up top to the Launch Star. It will take you to a Toad Ship with a checkpoint flag, a Shop Luma and another Launch Star to the boss fight.


This planet is a flat, circular disc that you can either run over the side of to get to the bottom or use the flip grates. To beat Glamdozer, just flip into her belly four times. She's asleep to start with, so the first shot is a freebie. After the cutscene, run away from her to a grate on the end of the platform and flip to the other side. When she gets over you, flip to stun her again. Flip back as soon as you can and watch the shadows of the projectiles she shoots go over you. After she shoots them, she'll shake and start moving and you can flip into her again. She does the exact same thing, so when she's done shooting, just flip into her belly for the last time, then go grab the Power Star.

Flipsville's New Digs[edit]

First planet

This looks like the first planet from the first star, but instead of flip grates you can drill into dirt patches and the Pupdozer have been replaced by Micro Mecha-Bowsers. Take the same path to get to the top of the planet, but this time there's no Launch Star up there. Instead, jump down to the side where the Toad Brigade Captain is saying "Hey!" Down there you'll find the Launch Star, and you can spin in the dirt there to get a 1-Up Mushroom before you leave.

Second planet

The second planet is a tall structure with lots of places to drill through. Start out by grabbing the checkpoint, then going around the other side of the dirt tower in the middle past the Twirlips and grab the Spin Drill. Drill down to the other side of the platform and drill again between the two dirt towers there. This will bring you to the upper ledge on the other side and you can drill corner of this ledge opposite of the where the dirt tower continues up, and this will take you to the very bottom of the planet. If you recall, you drilled diagonally from the tower, so if you jump down diagonally to the lowest of the dirt steps, you can drill all the way up to the top and hop in the green warp pipe.

Third planet

Here you'll be inside a square planet with nine hollowed out rooms in a 3×3 grid and constantly changing gravity. You start out in the bottom left room with a Spin Drill and a ? Coin. The ? Coin will create coins surrounding the two blocks in the center of the room and you'll get a 1-Up for collecting them all. Grab the Spin Drill and you can drill through the dirt wall into other rooms and find five Silver Stars. Depending on which way gravity is flowing, you'll be able to drill through different walls. Don't hit any of the Fuzzys while you're in a room, but you can drill right through them.

Start out by drilling to the right when gravity allows it so you can grab the first Silver Star on the other side. Drill to the right again and grab another Silver Star in the bottom right room. As soon as you can, drill up to the next room where you can collect a 1-Up Mushroom. Your only option here is to drill to the left, which puts you in the center room. Drill upwards from the center, then to the right to get the star in the upper right corner room. Go back to the left for two rooms and get the fourth Silver Star in the middle of the coins in the upper left corner room. From here, drill down one room to collect the last Silver Star, then back right into the center to get the Power Star.

Purple Coin Spin Speed Run (Prankster Comet)[edit]

Collect all 100 Purple Coins in 2:30 minutes. This star takes place in the last planet of Flipsville's New Digs, inside the 3×3 grid of rooms with changing gravity. You'll want to use the same route as before, which will take you through all the rooms with the least amount of backtracking. Make sure you collect every purple coin in a room before leaving so you don't have to come back. The route is as follows:

  1. Bottom left room (starting room) Generic Right.png
  2. Bottom center room Generic Right.png
  3. Bottom right room Generic Up.png
  4. Middle right room Generic Left.png
  5. Center room Generic Up.png
  6. Top middle room Generic Right.png
  7. Top left room Generic Left.png
  8. Top middle room Generic Left.png
  9. Top left room Generic Down.png
  10. Middle left room Generic Right.png
  11. Center (Power Star)

You can save a little bit of time by collecting the top row of coins in the top middle room on your second pass through and if you're having a hard time getting the last coin in the middle left room, jump as close as you can and spin, even if it takes you down to the room below. When you spin your hit box for collecting coins gets very big, so it should be able to pick up any coins nearby. If you follow the route without much trouble, you'll have enough time to go down into the bottom right corner then over one and up into the center to get the Power Star.

Green Stars[edit]

On the first planet, get up to the Launch Star, but instead of taking it, walk out along the top of the wall going straight ahead and drop off the end onto the Green Star. On the second planet, when you get to the part where the Chomp rolls by an Octoomba up on a grassy platform, you'll find the second Green Star on the roof above the Octoomba. From the platform below, backflip and spin to as high on the wall as you can get, then wall jump and spin back up onto the roof to grab the Green Star. At the end of the third planet, right before you launch to the boss fight, the third Green Star will be high above the far right corner of the platform. From the bottom of the platform, jump off the corner where the crate is and you'll fall upwards into the star. The star is out diagonally from the corner, so make sure you're holding the Neutral nunchuk in the right direction if you keep missing it.