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Power Star[edit]

Power Stars are shiny gold objects that you need to obtain to complete a level. Once you obtain the Power Star in a level you have officially completed it. In every galaxy there are one or two Power Stars, one or none hidden Power Stars, and one Comet Star. As you progress through the game, getting the Power Stars will be harder. A Comet Star will only appear if you get the Comet Medal in that galaxy.

Grand Star[edit]

Grand Stars are very big versions of Power Stars. One can be found at the last galaxy of every level. Obtaining a Grand Star in a world lets you move on to the next world. However, these stars are very hard to get and are guarded by some of the most powerful bosses in the game, like Bowser.

Green Stars[edit]

SMG2 Green Stars header.png

Green Stars only appear after you defeat Bowser in World 6 and obtain 120 Power Stars. There are many Green Stars in each galaxy, and some are very hard to find.

Star Bit[edit]

Star Bits are small colorful objects that can be found in every galaxy. Run into them or point the Wii remote at them to collect them. They can be found in ? Blocks, floating in the air, laying on the ground, or even hidden inside flowers and plants. Defeating enemies with sometimes release Star Bits, depending on how you defeat them. Press the B button to shoot them at enemies. They are not very powerful against enemies, but they will put weaker enemies in a daze. On Starship Mario, thirty Star Bits can be traded in for one Chance Block.


Coins are small gold objects that can be found throughout the galaxies. Run into them to obtain them. One coin heals one bar on your health meter so when you are about to die, look for coins. Coins can be found laying on the ground, in mid-air, in ? Blocks, and hidden in plants. Most enemies that you jump on will release one coin. Occasionally, in a galaxy, you will find a Luma who will ask for a certain amount of gold coins in return for a shortcut to the star. In Starship Mario, one hundred coins can be traded in for five Chance Blocks.

Chance Block[edit]

Chance Blocks are six sided blocks. Spin into them to make them roll. Whatever picture lands face up is the prize that you will get. There are three types of chance blocks. 1-Up/Star Bit chance blocks are much like the one you can find for free on Starship Mario. 1-Up/coins/enemy chance blocks are most commonly found in galaxies. 1-Up/three 1-Up/five 1-Up/Star Bit chance blocks can be bought by the Lumas on Starship Mario.

? Block[edit]

? Blocks can be found in the galaxies. There are two types of ? Blocks: ten coin blocks and Star Bit blocks. Continuously hit ten coin blocks to obtain as many coins as you can. Hit a Star Bit block just once to release a large amount of Star Bits. Some ? Blocks may have wings.

? Coin[edit]

? Coins have many different effects when obtained. They may present you with a coin challenge where you must get every coin within a certain amount of time. They may also present you with a line of music notes. Run into all of these notes within the time limit. Succeeding in either event will reward you with a generous amount of 1-Up Mushrooms. Otherwise, some ? Coins will simply release several coins.

Brick Block[edit]

Brown brick blocks can be broken by jumping from under them. Most of them release no items, but some of them may release coins.


Crystals are shiny objects that can be broken by using your spin attack on them. They can release Star Bits, coins, captured Lumas, and in a few rare cases a green 1-Up Mushroom. Big crystals sometimes have Power Stars in them. You must spin into large crystals twice to break them. Large purple crystals are very strong and can only be broken by Rock Mario.

Koopa Shell[edit]

Koopa Shells can be found in water based galaxies. They boost your speed when you hold onto them in the water. They can also be used as projectiles against enemies. Shake the Wii remote to throw one.

Jump Pad[edit]

When on these pads, press A button at the right moment to jump high up into the air.

Ground Pound Pad[edit]

Ground pound these to make certain events happen. Some ground pound pads may send you high into the air a lot like jump pads do.


Spin while on these pads to teleport. These pads will teleport you to an enemy dispatching challenge. Defeat all the enemies in the area in the time limit and you will be rewarded with three 1-Up Mushrooms. Once your time is up, you will be teleported back to where you came from.

Flip Switch[edit]

Spin near these to activate them. Switches can activate moving platforms or change the force of gravity in a certain area.

Spin Drill[edit]

The Spin Drill is a power up that lets you drill through dirt. Shake the Wii remote to dig into the ground. Any enemy that runs into your path of drilling on the other side of the area will be defeated. This is a good way to take out stronger enemies. You will lose this power up if you take damage or use a Launch Star.

Cloud Flower[edit]

The Cloud Flower is a power up that lets you make cloud platforms. It also makes you very lightweight. Shake the Wii remote to make a cloud platform. You can make up to a total of three cloud platforms. When all three are used, no more cloud platforms can be made. Making cloud platforms is a good way to reach high and far places. But be careful, cloud platforms will disappear in a matter of seconds. Cloud platforms can also move in the wind. You will lose this power up if you take damage, or land in water.

Fire Flower[edit]

The Fire Flower is a power up that lets you hurl fireballs. Fireballs are very strong and can defeat enemies very easily. They can also break crates and other objects from a long distance. Continuously shake the Wii remote to start throwing fireballs. You will lose this power up when its time runs out.

Bee Mushroom[edit]

The Bee Mushroom turns Mario into Bee Mario. Bee Mario makes you able to stand on flowers and fly in the air. Hold down A button to fly. Once the fly meter runs out, you will fall back to the ground. Bee Mario also lets you climb on walls with honeycombs on them. You will lose this power up when you take damage or touch water.

Rock Mushroom[edit]

The Rock Mushroom turns Mario into Rock Mario. Rock Mario has a very strong attack and can destroy most objects.