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The Magnificent Magma Sea[edit]

First planet

Go up the ramp and around the corner to the pull stars leading out toward the huge magma planets in the distance. As you pull yourself along, watch out for Magmaarghs rising up out of the lava to eat you. Pull yourself to the left, pausing at pull stars to wait for a Magmaarghs to jump up and once you get past the first two you can start pulling yourself upwards. There is a Life Mushroom down below where you start to go up, but it's dangerous to get. If you want it, position yourself above it and spin to fall down, while at the same time trying to grab another pull star so you don't actually hit the lava below. The rest of the pull stars go up to a Launch Star, but no pull stars are above it, so you'll have to fling yourself up there. When the final Magmaargh goes back down into the lava, spin at one of the top pull stars so you fall down, but use it again as you do but let go of A button as you get to the pull star to fly up above. If you're off to the side, just spin and move over to the Launch Star, spinning again to launch out of there before you get eaten. You'll fly to another Launch Star that's right on the surface of the planet, and you'll need to quickly launch before another Magmaargh gets you.

Second planet

Grab the checkpoint to the right and continue on, jumping the gaps when there's no fireball flying up. Past the gapes are low areas that will covered by the waves of lava, so quickly run along them and jump to higher ground in between the waves. When the path goes back up away from the camera, go in between waves and avoid the fireball when you jump over the gap to the blue pole. You can climb up and down the poles and can spin around them to face different directions. When you jump, you'll jump backwards away from the pole, so move around so you're facing away from the next walkway before jumping. Past the Octoomba are more blue poles with another Life Mushroom between the leftmost two. Take the poles back around to the right until you can jump down to another walkway. Go left and around to a higher platform while jumping a fireball gap and dealing with the Octoomba on the ledge. The path goes back to the right over some gaps until you get to a couple spinning wheels in the lava going toward the back of the area. They spin when you're on them and they have little steps you'll need to run around or jump over so you don't get dragged down into the lava. The best way to get across them is to go as fast as you can. Past the spinning wheels you'll need to go the left, but you can see a Magmaargh waiting for you, so run through as fast as you can, jumping from platform to platform. Past the Magmaargh are a couple more spinning wheels, that lead to a walkway with the next checkpoint. Past the checkpoint, use the cyclones to spin up from cyclone to cyclone to the swing at the top where you can jump into the Launch Star.

Third planet
Comet Medal
On the last planet, just before you jump to the long stone that the Magmaws go over, long jump to the smaller stone above you to grab the Comet Medal.

The final planet is a ball of molten lava with a steady stream of Magmaws circling it, sometimes going right through some of the stone platforms above the planet. You can tell which stones are going to be hit by Magmaws because they're a little darker and are steaming from the heat. Jump from the stone you start on to the next one, then either jump across the dark stone to the long one, or long jump straight to the long one. The next stone with a ? Block over it is guarded by a Magmaargh, so quickly jump past it to the next safe stone. From there jump across the dark stone when the Magmaws has passed to the next safe one, and either long jump up to the stone with the Comet Medal or over to the left where you'll need to run down the long stone quickly and jump off at the other end before a Magmaw hits. From here you can either jump across the next two dark stones or long jump to the farther one and then off to the safe stone. Go up one more safe stone and you'll see the Power Star locked in a crystal on a dark stone to your right. If you don't think you can get two spins off on the crystal before the next Magmaw comes, just jump back to the safe stone and give the second spin after it passes. When you break open the crystal, jump back to the safe stone and long jump to the other stone with the Power Stone on it.

When you finish this level, a second Luma Shop will appear down the pipe on Starship Mario.

A Stroll Down Rolling Lane[edit]

This time when you go up the ramp you'll see the path has been extended with a Rock Mushroom and a ramp on the end. Grab the Rock Mushroom and roll off the ramp to the Launch Star in the distance. You'll fly to a long series of platform you can roll down while collecting a ton of Star Bits. There are no railings for most of the level, so the challenge is to not roll right off the edge as you go. Grab the checkpoint in the beginning and the Rock Mushroom, then roll to the bridge, jumping the small step and breaking the spiny planets in front of it. Once you roll across the bridge and over the ramp, the rest of the level has to be completed by rolling (jumping and pressing Z button won't stop you here). As long as you make it over the first couple ramps, you can grab a 1-Up Mushroom in the middle of one of the platforms, allowing you to have as many tries as you need to complete the star. At the end of the level are some switchbacks you can take by running into the yellow bands at the ends and rolling backwards into the next set before going forward again. You'll also need to jump up into the final platform where the Power Star is.

The Chimp's Bowling Challenge (Hidden Star)[edit]

In either star, there is a green warp pipe over the side of the starting platform that will take you down to The Chimp, who will give you another scoring challenge. For this game you need to use the Rock Mushroom and roll through Pinheads, each of which is worth 100 points. There is a ramp behind each of the set ups that will take you to the next frame. Score 5,000 points or more to get the Power Star. Before each set up is a blue area that you can only cross as Rock Mario. If you try to walk on it you'll have to go back and The Chimp will tell you you're over the line.

  • Frame 1: 600 points — Just bowl right down through the center of the Pinheads.
  • Frame 2: 500 points — Bowl straight down but veer to the right at the end to pick up the Pinheads on the side.
  • Frame 3: 600 points — Don't worry about the plants in the way, just bowl straight down the line like in the first frame.
  • Frame 4: 600 points — Bowl straight down the line, jumping the gap in the center of the blue area.
  • Frame 5: 700 points — Get as close to the blue platforms as you can and start your spin right before the platforms start moving so you roll down when they're in the center.
  • Frame 6: 600 points — Get as close to the blue platform as you can and start your spin right when the platform stops moving to roll down the center.
  • Frame 7: 500 points — Get as close to the blue platform as you can and start your spin right when the first corner gets to you so you roll down the center when the Pinheads are lined up.
  • Frame 8: 600 points — Get as close to the blue platform as you can and start your spin when the platform is straight up and down with the Pinheads sticking out to the right so you roll right down the center of the side they're on. It's very hard to get all three of the Pinheads on the other side, but if you stay perfectly in the middle you can get both of the ones on the side.
  • Frame 9: 900 points — This is another spinning platform, but it's going a little faster so get as close as you can and start your spin a little bit after the platform is going left to right in front of you to go down the center when the Pinheads are lined up.

Green Stars[edit]

Green Star 1 or 2

The first Green Star is above the first Launch Star at the end of the pull stars. Stay on the right pull star of the top two before the Launch Star and when the Magmaargh above has gone down, spin to fall but grab the left pull star to launch yourself up right into the Green Star. On the second planet, you'll find the second Green Star above the second cyclone going up to the Launch Star.

Green Star 3

The third Green Star is at the end of the level at the switchbacks right before the Power Star. After hitting the yellow bands for the first time and rolling backwards, roll off the side of the platform to the right of the next yellow bands and right into the star.