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Prince Pikante's Peppery Mood[edit]

First planet
You can grab the first Cloud Flower you see on the platforms on the right and use it to go straight across to the Launch Star without freezing the planet.

You start out on end of of a big lava flow with platforms and laser bots along it. The platforms here look like metal grates with a colored edge, and they slowly lower down into the lava when you stand on them, so you'll have to keep moving. Start by heading across the first few platforms to the striped platform on the lava. When you get on it, it will take you out to a platform with a Cloud Flower on it. There is a Cloud Flower on a closer set of platforms you pass, but this way is easier. Along the way, jump over the laser circles the bots send out when you get near. When you get to the Cloud Flower, grab it and quickly get back onto the striped platform. From here, long jump and make clouds out to the button you see past the next laser bot. Ground pound it to turn the whole planet to ice so you can get around more easily. If you go back the way you came, you can get a 1-Up Mushroom and a Life Mushroom that are sitting on the ice. The easiest way to the Launch Star is to long jump across and use a cloud behind the platforms with the Cloud Flower where you started the level. This burns a cloud though and you may want all three for later on, in which case you can go the long way around the ice, avoiding the laser circles. Near the Launch Star is a green warp pipe that goes down to The Chimp, who will give a challenge for the hidden star.

Second planet
Comet Medal
Right before the the Launch Star on the second planet, you should see the Comet Medal up in the air above the moving platforms to the right.

In the center of a big pool of lava is a huge ball of lava with stone platforms circling it. The platforms come up out of the lava on side and go back in on the other. You'll need to cross these platforms that go in alternating directions while avoiding the Octoombas that are also on them. If you find yourself not being able to catch a platform you're shooting for or you're heading into a wall, you can gain a lot of ground by long jumping to the next place you want to go. As you jump over to the next platform, give it a little lead so it doesn't pass you by while you're in the air. If you still have clouds here, you can use them in an emergency. Hit the checkpoint and start making your way across the platforms. You'll come to a long one that traverses the entire lava ball without breaks. As soon as you get to it, start running to the left, opposite of the way it's turning so you don't end up in the lava. When another platform comes up on the other side, start taking them across again. In the middle of the planet is a platform with two Octoombas, some green coconuts and a chest. You can spin a coconut into the chest to break it open for a 1-Up Mushroom. Continue on off the far side of the platform and take the platforms across past the Comet Medal to the Launch Star. If you keep going, you can get another 1-Up Mushroom at the end, and then you'll have to come back to launch to the next planet.

Third planet

On this planet you'll see some ice pathways with comets crashing down on them creating circles of lava temporarily on the ground. Past the ice is a section of lava with a Launch Star at the end. You'll need to make your way over there, while avoiding the lava circles from the comets and the Elite Octoombas that are in your way. Grab the checkpoint and head down the first ice pathway, going straight to the Elite Octoomba and jumping on it. It may be easier not to spin here, so you can slowly pick your way through the lava circles. If you're still Cloud Mario from the the first planet, you can jump onto the cloud platform on the left for a 1-Up Mushroom, and can long jump to the last ice pathway, avoiding the middle one. If not, jump across to the next ice pathway and deal with the Elite Octoomba there, then go down to the end where another enemy waits next to a crystal with a Life Mushroom in it (if you can, wait to get the Life Mushroom until you beat the next section). Whether you crossed the second pathway or used the cloud, you'll find yourself on the last ice patch with three Elite Octoombas on it. When you get over there, a line of cannons will pop up in the lava beyond and start firing fiery rocks and coconuts at you. Try and take out the Elite Octoombas by stomping on them quickly, but keep an eye on the projectiles coming at you. You need to spin the green coconuts back at the cannons to destroy them, and to avoid skating on the ice, jump into the air right before you spin so you just land and can run normally. When you've destroyed the cannons, a stone walkway will appear in the lava and ice shards will drop into the lava beyond it. The ice creates temporary ice platforms that you can take across to the Launch Star and the 1-Up Mushroom on the right. Here you might want to spin to skate so you can get to the Launch Star before the ice platforms melt. You'll fly to a Toad Ship where you can use the Shop Luma and hit the checkpoint before going on to the boss fight.

Prince Pikante

You do this fight in an ice rink shaped like an eight with the insides filled in. Prince Pikante is riding in a cart with multiple cannons on it and big spiky wheels. He roams around the ice shooting projectiles at you, which are mostly fiery rocks, with some green coconuts mixed in. To defeat him, you have to avoid the rocks and his vehicle while spinning the coconuts back at him. Skating here can be beneficial to staying away from him, although you'll have less control to get to the coconuts. Skate if you need to escape, otherwise jump and spin to go back to running. You'll also have to avoid the lava circles the fiery rocks make on the ice. If you get low on health during the fight, pick up one of the coins that are lying around the area.

To start off, just mill around until he fires at you, then dodge the fire rocks until you see a coconut. Hit it back and you'll score the first damage. For his second cycle, after a normal attack he'll stop and shoot a bunch of meteorites up into the air and they'll randomly land back down onto the ice, creating lava circles. At the same time, he'll charge you in his cart, so skate around avoiding the shadows of the falling rocks, his cart and the lava circles. Some of what he shoots up into the air can be coconuts, so if you find yourself near one, go ahead and spin it for extra damage. He continues his normal attack and the one where he shoots projectiles up in the air until you can hit another coconut back at him. When you do, he turns red with anger and speeds up. Now you'll want to skate full time so you can avoid him and his projectiles, and so you can jump over the lava circles when you need to. Hit him one last time in his accelerated cycle to kill him and pick up your Power Star.

Octo-Army Icy Rainbow Romp (Prankster Comet)[edit]

For this star, you'll have 50 seconds to launch down to the ice area where you fought Prince Pikante and take out a bunch of Octoombas and a few Octoguys. The time starts right when you land on the Toad Ship, so quickly jump into the Launch Star and go. This time there is no fence around the area, so you'll have to be careful not to skate off. There is a Rainbow Star right where you land and two more on each end of the area. All you have to do is grab a Rainbow Star and skate through all the enemies within the time limit. Grab the first Rainbow Star and start skating to one side. Try to get as many enemies on that side as you can, then grab the Rainbow Star over there when there are just a few guys left. Hit the rest of them, then switch sides and do the same thing, grabbing the Rainbow Star over there when there are only a few guys left or when you run out of invincibility. As long as you don't go too long missing enemies, this should be a fairly easy star to acquire.

The Chimp's Ultimate Skating Challenge (Hidden Star)[edit]

In the first star, turn the first planet to ice like normal, but take the green warp pipe down next to the Launch Star. Inside you can talk to The Chimp, who will challenge you to another skating competition. Like before, you want to skate around and hit the green or orange Gummits and avoid the purple Spiky Gummits to get 600 points or better. This time it's going to be a lot stricter and running into a Spiky Gummit even once can spell disaster. As always, make the orange Gummits your priority at 50 points apiece, then the 10 point green ones. If you're having a hard time, try memorizing the patterns until you get a good enough score.

Green Stars[edit]

The first Green Star is at the top of the volcano in the center of the area where you begin in the galaxy. You need to hit the switch to turn the level to ice, then use the Cloud Flower to get up to it. The second Green Star is on the second planet, just past the Launch Star on the right. Go past the Launch Star like you're going to get the 1-Up Mushroom at the end, but take the moving platforms to the right where you'll see it against the lava wall. The third Green Star is very difficult to get, because you need to make it all the way to the third planet with at least one cloud left as Cloud Mario. This means you can't take a single hit on your way there, and you can't spin or else you'll waste you clouds. You'll have to get your timing down pat to cross the laser bots and moving platforms on the second planet so you don't have to spin to save yourself. When you get to the third planet, make your way down the first stretch of ice and jump onto the cloud platform on the left with the 1-Up on it. From there, backflip up and make a cloud and do another backflip and spin to get the star. If you have more than one cloud here, it makes it a little bit easier.