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Follow Me, Bob-omb[edit]

First planet
Comet Medal
The Comet Medal is in between the last sets of up and down platforms before the Launch Star in the cylindrical planet. Take the left platforms all the way down to the electric fence and long jump through the Comet Medal to the ones going up.

Start off by running to the backside of the orb you start on to an easy 1-Up Mushroom, then use the pull star inside the other orb to move over to it. Avoiding the electrified orbs, walk to the other side and use the rotating pull stars to get up into the Launch Star by pulling to one of the stars across its path. You'll land inside a cylinder and you'll need to get to the far side to find the next Launch Star. Head down the platforms with the coins on them and go right at the bottom. Get onto the rising platforms, then quickly jump off to the right over the electrified fence to land on a platform below. Jump to the right through a gap in the circling fence, then jump down two more platforms. You'll see another fence on your right and a moving platform below you. Time it so you drop down onto the platform, then jump across the descending platforms to the ones going up. Hop over to the next set of platforms going down, then long jump across to the last set of platforms and take them up to the Launch Star.

Second planet

Here you'll be on the outside of a wheel-shaped glass planet with a Bob-omb inside underneath you. When it sees you it will start blinking red and following you, and you will need to lead it down the path it's on around to the glass cage with the Life Mushroom in it. While you're walking on the outside, moving electric fences will be in your way, so jump over them or wait for gaps in them while you go. If you walk the Bob-omb off the walkway or it explodes before you get it to the cage, just return to the top where another will pop out and follow you again. When you've destroyed the glass cage, drop down and collect your Life Mushroom then go up the path to the Launch Star next to where the Bob-ombs pop out.

Third planet

This is yet another cylindrical planet, this time will holes you can fall in, some top enemies and Bob-ombs. Grab the checkpoint and start making your way along the planet. Whichever way you go you'll be spotted by a Topman or Topminis. You can spin the Topminis and Topmans off the platform to get rid of them, but most of them will respawn, so don't bother with them. In the middle of the planet you'll find a Bom-omb that you can pick up by spinning and then throw into the glass cage on the right. You can either use the Bob-omb to go through the class cage, or just jump over the electrified fence on the left to the other side of the hole there. Either way, at the far left corner of the planet is a higher ledge where you can take some pull stars. If you have received a letter from Gearmo about it, you'll also see him over there and he'll tell you how to get the hidden star. The key to making it out to the Power Star through all the electrified orbs and guns is to keep your speed up. Don't stop to look around and try to figure out your path, just keep pulling to the next stars as they come into view. At the end of the gauntlet you'll find the Power Star surrounded by pull stars and an electried fence circling it. If you're being chased by the yellow shots from the cannons, circle around the pull stars until they run into each other or the fence. Here you can stop and take your time. What you want to do is pull yourself to the star opposite from you when the electrified fence isn't in the way, then quickly pull to one of the side stars to alter your trajectory into the Power Star.

To the Top of Topman's Tower[edit]

You start out on the same blue orbs with pull stars in them as in the previous star, but this time you might notice that the electric orbs on the second planetoid are spinning much faster. Ground pound on the blue button on the bottom of the planetoid and time will slow down, allowing you to easily get past the orbs and into the Launch Star above. You'll land over at Topman's Tower at the very bottom where concentric wooden circles are moving in opposite directions and water cannons are launching drops across to push you off the edge. Wait for the first cannon's water drop to pass you, then long jump to the blue button and ground pound it to slow time. Quickly run over to the switch on the right by the other water cannon and spin to flip it, which opens the gate into the next area. Head over to the button and wait for time to return to normal, then ground pound it and go to the next switch, which is beside the next fence, but this time on the edge of the platform away from the water cannon. Head into the next area and make your way to the button or head directly in to the purple sentry at the bottom of the wall. Jump over any shock circles it sends out and jump on its head to spring up to the mini Launch Star above.

Grab the checkpoint here and start making your way up to the top of the tower. There are many ways you can get up to the top, from backflipping and spinning to the top of the fence on your right and going straight to the green Topman, to backflipping off the top of the first Thwomp and spinning to the platform above, but you are intended to slow down time with the blue buttons and go around the tower as you climb it. On the other side of the fence where you start is a green Topman that will let you jump up to a higher level when you bounce on his head. When you get up there, you can use the blue buttons to slow time, allowing you to jump up the moving platforms circling the tower while avoiding the electric orbs. There is a green warp pipe on the platform above the green Topman, and it goes to a ? Coin that releases patterns of coins for you to collect within a time limit. When you get to the top of the tower, a fence will go up around it with an electrified beam and two Topmans will appear. Spin them into the electrified line to destroy them and a green Topman will appear that you can jump on to launch up to the Power Star.

C'mere, Topman[edit]

Note: This star is only available when you get a letter from a Gearmo.

In the first star, at the last planet before you use the pull stars to get out to the Power Star, you'll find a Gearmo on the left side of the platform. Talk to him and he'll ask you to bring him a Topman. Head back to the beginning of the platform where you landed and get a Topman to star chasing you. You'll have a hard time getting it to follow you through the narrow gap on the left for a direct route, so use a Bob-omb to blow the glass cage and take it around the long way. Just jump over the Topminis so you don't accidentally spin the Topman off the edge and when you lead it back into the box surrounding the Gearmo, you'll get your Power Star.

When you finish this level, another Gearmo will appear on Starship Mario.

Green Stars[edit]

Green Star 1

The first Green Star is high above the Launch Star you take to the first planet. Below the Launch Star, grab onto one of the pull stars on the right and let go when it's at about 4 o'clock. Keep your cursor over it, and when you stop floating and fall back to the orb below, grab onto the star again. At this point it should be high above you and above the Launch Star. The path should take you on the side of the Launch Star and if you let go before you get to the pull star, you'll continue on up getting close the Power Star and perhaps above it. From there just spin and direct yourself over to it. It might take a few tries to get up to it.

Green Star 2 or 3

When you get to the first planet, after flipping the first switch and going into the second area, let the water cannon on the far side next to the next fence hit you and you'll ride right out to the second Green Star. When you get past the water cannons to the upper level where the first checkpoint is, go out along the red ledge with the black and green squares in the center behind the first Twhomp. The ledge is the top of the fences you went through in the water cannon area below, and halfway down it you'll find the third Green Star.