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When you first appear, the steering wheel is straight ahead. To your left, you can talk to the banktoad, who can keep some of your Star Bits for other save files. Behind the banktoad, you can see the posttoad. He'll have a speech bubble over his head when he's got a letter for you. Under the place where you appeared, you can switch between Mario and Luigi. Behind the steering wheel, you can grab a Cloud Flower. In the ship's right ear, you will find a Warp Pad that takes you to a Starshroom with a 1-up Mushroom on it. In its right ear, there is a pipe that sends you to a room with two Lumas: one gives you 1 box for 30 Star Bits and the other gives you five for 100 coins. Jumping onto the ship's nose gets you to a Yoshi egg. Jump up the flowers to find a floating island with ten plants on. Eating them all gets you a 1-up. Behind the ship's hat, a cloud is visible. Use Cloud Mario to get the 1-up Mushroom on top. There's a chimney in roughly the same area, which acts like a pipe and sends you to the inside of the ship, which contains powerup ornaments. The exit leads to the brim of the ship's cap. This also works as an entrance. There's a box on the ship's left cheek which gives you either a 1-up or a Star Bit.