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Huge Trouble with Big Wigglers[edit]

First planet
Comet Medal
In the first area with the giant Goomba, long jump over the gap on the right to grab the Comet Medal.

Cross the gap in front of you and jump up to where the giant Goomba is. You can spin it, but then you'll need to jump on top of it to kill it, so it might be easier to just avoid it. Jump up to the platform with the huge spinning coin and use it and the block next to it to wall jump up to the top of the block. Head to your left and jump across the next three green pipes. The second one has a Piranha Plant in it, so stay on the rim when you go around. The last one goes up and down, so wait for it get to the bottom, then jump on and go around staying on the green rim. At the top you can jump to the brick, then long jump across the gap ahead of you to the next block, collecting the 1-Up. (If you now go back to the green sign and watch its video tip, the 1-Up and all the Star Bits behind you on the course will respawn!). To the right you'll want to get past the two Thwomps by performing a long jump to get past each one before they slam down again. You can wall jump up between them to find some star bits and a 1-Up Mushroom on top of them. On the other side, hit the checkpoint then backflip and spin up to the Launch Star.

Second planet

This small planet has three Koopa Troopas walking around it and is where you can get infinite lives by jumping on their backs. When you land, make sure to stay in between them as they march around the planet. Eventually you'll come to a Spin Drill that you can use to burrow through the planet and hit the Koopa Troopa across from you. You'll want to give the enemies a small lead before you spin so you don't pop out behind them. Do this three times to reveal the Launch Star.

Third planet

Start jumping across the Star Chips to the bricks on the other side, either avoiding or spinning the Paragoomba in your way. Off to the right on the other side, you can long jump to the ? Coin which creates four rows of coins across the gap you jumped to get there. Long jump back and forth along the rows of coins and you'll earn a 1-Up for your trouble. Jump across the two green warp pipe, both of which have Piranha Plants in them, to the ? square on the other side. Go past the Paragoomba and use the vanishing blocks behind it to cross to the next block with the Launch Star on it. This Launch Star takes you to another one above a planet where the hidden star is, and then on to the last planet.

Fourth planet

You'll land in a big tunnel of rock walkways with a checkpoint flag in front of you. You can either long jump across the gaps are run around the inside of the cylinder until you find a path across. The first two sets of Wigglers going around in circles are normal, but the last one is full of mad Wigglers who move much faster. You'll want to wait for one of the red ones to get past you, then quickly run forward and long jump out to the last platforms where the Power Star is at the of a flag pole. You'll also find a 1-Up Mushroom across the first gap when you land and a ? Coin on the opposite side of the cylinder from the Power Star at the end. This ? Coin will create either a circle of coins or a single coin on all the platforms going around the end of the cylinder and you'll need to jump from one to the next collecting them all to earn a 1-Up. When you're ready, climb the flag pole to jump up to the Power Star.

Big Wigglers Speed Run (Prankster Comet)[edit]

Repeat the whole of the first star in a time limit of two minutes and 30 seconds.

In Full Bloom (Hidden Star)[edit]

At the end of the third planet, after passing the two giant Paragoombas and the vanishing platforms, you'll take a Launch Star to another Launch Star above a small green planet. Instead of spinning, let yourself fall down. When you walk around this planet flowers pop up around you, and all you have to do is cover the planet in flowers to release the Power Star.

Green Stars[edit]

The first Green Star is above the platform just to the right of the giant coin in the first area. Get on top of the giant coin and, from the edge of it, backflip and spin up to your right where the star is. The second Green Star is below the block between the two Thwomps. The easiest way to get it is to long jump from the first green pipe across from it and spin, but you can also drop down from the block above it and spin to it. The third Green Star is on the second planet with the three Koopa Troopas circling it. The quickest way to get it is to backflip and spin from below it, but you can also long jump onto a Koopa Troopa's back, then spin to change the way you're jumping and jump around the planet on its back until you get the star.