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Star 1: Return of the Whomp King[edit]

This level is a remake of Star 1 from Super Mario 64

When you finish this level, a Bob-omb Buddy will appear on Starship Mario.

Jump on the grey wall with an yellow arrow on it and follow the other arrows. Turn left, go on the short passage or the rock bridge, which disappears if you walk on it. Go on the moving bridge and run to the big mauve piranha plant. Kill it if you want and go up with the elevator. Defeat the Whomp to reveal a passage to the real fight with the Whomp King. To defeat it you have to wait until he tries to crush you. Avoid his attack or you will die immediately. When he is dizzy, do a ground pound on his back. Do that three times to defeat him and you will get the star. Just be careful of the Mini-Whomps who appear after you strike it the first time.

Comet Medal: The Comet Medal is below the flag with the 1-UP mushroom on it.

Star 2: Silver Stars in the Whomp Fortress[edit]

In this mission, you must to collect the 5 silver stars in the galaxy to make appear the star.

  1. It is on the yellow slope at the beginning of the galaxy.
  2. It is below a moving platform next to a Twhomp.
  3. It is in the empty, between a serie of coins and the balcony with the music notes.
  4. It is on a cloud, after the round-moving bridge.
  5. It is on an other cloud at the top of the forteress, above the Bowser sign.

Silver stars 2, 3, 4, 5 need a Cloud Flower to get them.

The star will appear at the top of the forteress, below the 5th silver star.

Star 3 (Prankster Comet): Whomp Silver Star Speed Run[edit]

Repeat Star 2 within a time limit of 2 minutes.