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A Walk on the Weird Side[edit]

Inside this planet the gravity often switches around from blue downward areas to pink upward areas and back. Head to the right where gravity switches upward and take out the Swaphopper before flying up at the end to the next blue section. Here there area a couple Paragoombas and some moving platforms with pink upwards gravity areas attached to them. Jump into the first pink area and cross over to the other platform when they come together. You can cross back over to the top of the first platform to get the 1-Up Mushroom above you or take the green warp pipe to the hidden star. The second platform goes over to another pink area that will take you up to the next room. Here there will three more Paragoombas, two more moving pink areas, and some block platforms. Take out the first Paragoomba and backflip up to the main platform, then backflip off the right side when the pink area is at the Life Mushroom to grab it. Back on that main platform, jump up into the pink areas when they come together, and you'll fall up to the next level. In this room all you have to do is go to the left and take the upward pink strip up to the next room. Grab the checkpoint when you get up here and start making your way to the right. Ground pounding the blue button there will turn the upper portion of the room into an upwards gravity area, allowing you to walk along the ceiling to the green pipe in the corner. You might want to take out the Paragoombas going up the steps to the right before you do it, as it's on a timer.

Comet Medal
After going through the green pipe, in the first section with moving platforms, wait until the gravity turns downward then move to the top of the first platform from the second one and it will take you through the Comet Medal.

You exit the pipe in a section where gravity constantly flips between going up and down. You can keep track of the beeps to tell when it's about to flip. Go to the right down the first hallway, spinning to get the Slurples off you if they attach. Wait until gravity flips upward, then take out the Swaphopper and continue on your way. After the ? Block you'll have to be careful because if you're below or above an electric fence when gravity flips, you'll fall down or up onto it. You can either wait for downward gravity and run past the first couple fences, or just long jump across them when gravity is going up. Past them you'll come to an area with a moving platform that has a permanent upward gravity section attached. Get on the bottom of the platform and take it over to the next platform past the Comet Medal. Jump over run beneath the next electric fence, then take out the Swaphopper when gravity is going down and continue to the right through a little opening. In this area let the gravity take you up to the top of the platform and you'll see it goes to the Power Star, which is in the top left corner of the next area next to some electric fences. When gravity is going down in the first section, run below the ? Square and either jump straight into the next section and guide Mario up to the Star or wait for gravity to switch before going in and jump up to the star right before it flips again so you fall up into the star.

When you finish this level, a pipe will appear on Starship Mario which will lead to a Luma Shop.

Burning Upside Dizzy (Hidden Star)[edit]

In the first area with moving platforms after the Swaphopper, get on top of the first platform from the second one and take it over to the green warp pipe in the ceiling. This will take you to a room with a stack of crates and a Fire Flower. Use the Fire Flower to destroy the crates, although you may want to leave a way up to the top where the entrance to the orange pipe is. If you end up destroying all the crates, you can triple jump up to the top of the pipe or use a backflip and wall jump to get up there. This pipe takes you to another crate-breaking challenge with a Gearmo. Talk to the Gearmo and you'll get a Fire Flower and 20 seconds to destroy all the crates. Just like before, quickly long jump down to one of the bottom corners of the area and shoot fireballs up the screen while moving across. Try to aim dead center between two crates so your fireball takes out two rows at once. Done correctly, you can move across the screen using one fireball for one or two rows each and finish in time to get the Power Star for destroying every crate.

When you finish this level, a Fire Flower will appear in the engine room on Starship Mario.

Green Stars[edit]

In the next room after the room with the green pipe to the hidden star, you'll see the first Green Star in the upper left corner before you go into the upper area. To get to it, stand on the block platform in the middle of the room and backflip over to right below it when the pink upwards gravity area is over there and it should shoot you right up to the star. If it doesn't, just wall jump from the wall below the star and spin over to the star. The second Green Star is in the upper part of the same area, this time on the upper right corner, above the upside down ? Block and the green electric fences. Backflip and spin up onto the ? Block while the platform with the pink upwards gravity area is not over there, then backflip to the wall below the Green Star and wall jump to it.