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Fluzzard's First Flight[edit]

Comet Medal
To get the Comet Medal, go through all five gates. When you come out at the end and fly through the last gate, the glass sphere protecting it will disappear and you can grab it.

This is a flying race and you control your character by pointing the remote at the screen and holding it level, then tilting it the way you want the Fluzzard to fly. It might help if you held the remote like a paper airplane you're about to throw. You can fly this course however you want as there is no time limit. Just keep away from walls and trees and make sure you fly through the sun at the end. There are some 1-Up Mushrooms and other items you can collect in this level as well.

Jungle Fluzzard Race[edit]

Note: This Star is only available when you get a letter from Jibberjay.

This is the same flying course as the other star, except you'll be racing a bunch of birds. The key to the race is keeping your downward momentum, since you go fastest while you're falling. To start, immediately go down to the left, following the river. In the next area after the blue balloon, head to the right and fly over the water where it goes between the rocks, then back around the left of the cliff and through the hole at the bottom, right above the water. Keep flying down the series of waterfalls and don't worry if Mario's legs drag in the water. At the bottom, fly down to the bottom tunnel and negotiate the narrow corridor you find yourself in. When you get through, avoid the blue rocks jutting across your path go to the right between the cliffs when you get outside for a straight shot to the sun. When you finish this level, Jibberjay will appear on Starship Mario.

Green Stars[edit]

The first Green Star is in the tunnel right above the water just after the third gate. The other star is way over to the right when you come out into the open before the last gate. Make sure you take one of the upper paths when going for the second star so you don't come out too low to get to it.