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GB 3DS Description
Neutral dpad Neutral dpad or Neutral cpad
  • Left or Right move Mario
  • Down makes Mario crouch (not small Mario) or enter pipes
  • Move Marine Pop or Sky Pop in all directions
A button A button
  • Makes Mario jump
    • Hold A for higher jumps
    • While running press A button for long jumps
  • Shoot torpedoes/missiles (submarine or airplane levels only)
    • Hold for continuous fire
B button B button
  • Hold B button to make Mario run
  • Shoot superballs as Superball Mario
    • Only one superball can be shot at a time
  • Shoot torpedoes/missiles (submarine or airplane levels only)
    • One at a time
Start button Start button
  • Pause game

Crouch and Slide: Super Mario and Superball Mario can "crouch and slide" by holding B button and Right dpad to run right, then hold Down dpad to duck into areas that were once only accessible by Small Mario. If you end up getting stuck, hold Neutral dpad to the direction you want to get out of and tap A button repeatedly.

Clearing Small Gaps: When an area has small gaps you don't need to worry about precision jumping, Mario can simply run through them. Hold B button, remember don't let go, be on your way and clear those gaps.

Soft Reset: During any time of gameplay you wish to start over and return to the title screen, simply press A button+B button+Start button+Select button simultaneously.



SML Super Mario.gif
SML Small Mario.gif

Mario is the hero of this adventure and his main duty is to defeat the bad guys and save the princess. Once the game begins you start off as Small Mario, but once he gets a mushroom he gets bigger and becomes Super Mario. Super Mario has the ability to smash through blocks and crouch. Also as Super Mario you can find Flowers which make Super Mario become Superball Mario (even though he doesn't look different). As Superball Mario, he can shoot superballs that defeat enemies and collect coins. These superballs are different from fireballs commonly found in other Mario games since they don't just skip through the ground, they bounce off of the ground and walls. Defeat: During this adventure there are many dangers that might kill Mario such as falling into bottomless pits, running out of time, or being hit by enemies. If Super or Superball Mario get hit, don't worry it's not a lost life, he shrinks back down and goes back to being Small Mario.

Marine Pop and Sky Pop[edit]

SML Marine Pop.gif
SML Sky Pop.gif

In Worlds 2-3 and 4-3 Mario is able to ride the Marine Pop or Sky Pop in their respective levels. These levels are unique to Mario games since they don't play like a platformer rather more like a Shoot 'em up.

Princess Daisy[edit]

SML Princess Daisy.gif

Princess Daisy is the damsel in distress in this Mario adventure taking the place of Princess Peach (or Toadstool, whichever is better). She is the princess of Sarasaland and needs saving since she has been kidnapped by an alien named Tatanga, the Mysterious Spaceman, who wants to marry her to take over the world. As Mario goes through his adventure he will find imposters that turn out to be enemies in disguise that will have him in a wild-goose chase, sort of like the princess being in another castle stuff from Super Mario Bros..


There are various items and Power-Ups Mario is able to get and aid him in his adventure.

Mushroom Flower
SML Mushroom.gif

Mushrooms are Power-Ups that jump out of blocks and head towards the right until they hit an object or simply drop down a pit. Once obtained by Mario, he becomes Super Mario and grows in height giving him new abilities, such as breaking blocks with his head.

SML Flower.gif

Flowers are Power-Ups that can only be found by Super Mario, and appear where mushrooms would ordinarily be. They slowly rise out of their block and won't try to run away and will remain there. Flowers have the ability to transform Super Mario into Superball Mario and in his new form he has all the same abilities as Super Mario with the adition of the superball power.

Starman 1-Up Heart
SML Starman.gif

Starman is a rare Power-Up that will make Mario become temporarily invincible and will kill any enemy that he touches. Most of these are secretly hidden in normal blocks. You have to be quick when trying to get them because when they jump out of their block, they just keep on dropping. While Mario has the star not only is he invincible, but enemies are powerless over Invincible Mario, but only lasts for about 25 in-game seconds. Listen to the Cancan music!

SML 1up Heart.gif

1-Up Hearts are valuable items that have a pretty self explanatory name (they give Mario an extra life). Unlike other Mario games where the 1-Ups are green variants of mushrooms, these can be easily distinguished as hearts. They pop out and move just like mushrooms, but are difficult to find, and once out of the block they might be challenging to reach depending on their locations.

Coin Elevator
SML Coin.gif

Everybody loves money and Mario is no exception (maybe to show off to the Princess). Coins can be found everywhere throughout the game, either floating or in blocks. They are helpful in this journey by collecting 100 will give Mario an extra life (1-Up).

These can only be found in certain blocks in certain stages. They will simply appear above the block once revealed. Stand on top and they will bring you over the roof, ignoring the ceiling. Often leads to hidden coins.


There are many other things that Mario will encounter in his adventure.

Blocks Pipe
SML Blocks.gif

Blocks are scattered everywhere with three different types: ? Blocks, Breakable Blocks, and Unbreakable Blocks. They contain different items that will help Mario, but to get their reward inside you must jump and hit them. ? Blocks may contain coins, Power-Ups, or other hidden things. Breakable blocks contain the same items as ? Blocks, but some may not carry anything at all and can be broken by Super Mario. Unbreakable blocks are the aftermath of blocks that had given you a reward. Be on the lookout for hidden invisible blocks that can be found.

SML Pipe.gif

Pipes can be found in almost all the levels and may or may not be good for Mario. Since he is a plumber and works these all the time, he is able to go down certain pipes (not all) with ease by pressing Down dpad. Going into them will take you into Coin Rooms, which you can guess what they are. Be warned other pipes may contain a dangerous creature, Pakkun Flowers, in them.

Exit Switch
SML Exit.gif

At the end of most levels you will find two exit doors, your goal is to reach the top door since the bottom will always take you to the next stage with no fun. Getting to the top door is usually difficult and will require some skill to reach. The top door will take you to a Bonus Game where you can have the chance to get up to three lives or a Flower to become Superball Mario.

SML Switch.gif

Switches are only found in three worlds, 1-3, 2-3 and 3-3, after the bosses. Once pressed, they allow Mario to proceed and complete the stage and greet the imposter Princess Daisy at the end.