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The big baddie of the Mushroom Kingdom, Bowser gets booted from his keep by Smithy. Swallowing his pride, Bowser joins Mario in hopes that defeating Smithy will give him back his castle. Bowser's special attacks and weapons often borrow from previous Mario games.

Special Moves[edit]

Name FP Target(s) Timing Notes
Terrorize 6 All Enemies Rotate Neutral Dpad clockwise to build energy. Summon a giant Boo to terrorize all foes.
Poison Gas 10 All Enemies Rotate Neutral Dpad clockwise to build energy. Form a cloud of toxic gas; may poison.
Crusher 12 One Enemy Press Y Button just before the attack hits. Bring a jagged rock spire up from the ground.
Bowser Crush 16 All Enemies Press Y Button quickly and repeatedly. Summon Mecha Koopa to crush all foes.


Name Power Location Price Notes
Chomp 10 Booster's Tower 0 Found after completing the picture puzzle by the locked door.
Chomp Shell 9 Marrymore 60 Available at item shop.
Hurly Gloves 20 The Sea 92 Available for purchase from the robed man.
Spiked Link 30 Monstro Town 94 Available at item shop.
Drill Claw 40 Bowser's Keep 118 Found in the six doors challenge.


Name Defense Magic Defense Location Price Notes
Happy Shell 6 3 Marrymore 38 Available at item shop.
Courage Shell 12 6 Monstro Town 60 Available at item shop.
Fire Shell 18 9 Barrel Volcano 90 Available at Hino Mart.
Heal Shell 24 12 Bowser's Keep 100 Available for purchase from Croco after defeating Magikoopa.