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Character Codes[edit]


Code Value
7FF800?? Level
Current HP
Maximum HP
7FF805?? Speed
7FF806?? Attack
7FF807?? Defense
7FF808?? Special Attack
7FF809?? Special Defense
7FF80C?? Weapon Modifier
7FF80D?? Armor Modifier
7FF80E?? Accessory Modifier
Spell Modifier


Code Value
7FF850?? Level
Current HP
Maximum HP
7FF855?? Speed
7FF856?? Attack
7FF857?? Defense
7FF858?? Special Attack
7FF859?? Special Defense
7FF85C?? Weapon Modifier
7FF85D?? Armor Modifier
7FF85E?? Accessory Modifier
Spell Modifier


Code Value
7FF83C?? Level
Current HP
Maximum HP
7FF841?? Speed
7FF842?? Attack
7FF843?? Defense
7FF844?? Special Attack
7FF845?? Special Defense
7FF848?? Weapon Modifier
7FF849?? Armor Modifier
7FF84A?? Accessory Modifier
Spell Modifier


Code Value
7FF828?? Level
Current HP
Maximum HP
7FF82D?? Speed
7FF82E?? Attack
7FF82F?? Defense
7FF830?? Special Attack
7FF831?? Special Defense
7FF834?? Weapon Modifier
7FF835?? Armor Modifier
7FF836?? Accessory Modifier
Spell Modifier


Code Value
7FF814?? Level
Current HP
Maximum HP
7FF819?? Speed
7FF81A?? Attack
7FF81B?? Defense
7FF81C?? Special Attack
7FF81D?? Special Defense
7FF820?? Weapon Modifier
7FF821?? Armor Modifier
7FF822?? Accessory Modifier
Spell Modifier

Team values[edit]

Code Value
7FF8B1?? Current Flower Points
7FF8B2?? Maximum Flower Points
Current Coins
Current Frog Coins

Inventory codes[edit]

Note that you should not open the inventory screen with these codes on. The game will automatically sort your items when you open the inventory screen, thus you may end up overwriting items you hadn't intended to overwrite. A safe way to use these codes is to enable them, save at a save point, turn off the codes and reload the game from your saved file.

Item modifier codes[edit]

Code Item spot
7FF882?? Item modifier 1
7FF883?? Item modifier 2
7FF884?? Item modifier 3
7FF885?? Item modifier 4
7FF886?? Item modifier 5
7FF887?? Item modifier 6
7FF888?? Item modifier 7
7FF889?? Item modifier 8
7FF88A?? Item modifier 9
7FF88B?? Item modifier 10
7FF88C?? Item modifier 11
7FF88D?? Item modifier 12
7FF88E?? Item modifier 13
7FF88F?? Item modifier 14
7FF890?? Item modifier 15
7FF891?? Item modifier 16
7FF892?? Item modifier 17
7FF893?? Item modifier 18
7FF894?? Item modifier 19
7FF895?? Item modifier 20
7FF896?? Item modifier 21
7FF897?? Item modifier 22
7FF898?? Item modifier 23
7FF899?? Item modifier 24
7FF89A?? Item modifier 25
7FF89B?? Item modifier 26
7FF89C?? Item modifier 27
7FF89D?? Item modifier 28
7FF89E?? Item modifier 29

Equipment modifier codes[edit]

Code Equipment spot
7FF864?? Equipment modifier 1
7FF865?? Equipment modifier 2
7FF866?? Equipment modifier 3
7FF867?? Equipment modifier 4
7FF868?? Equipment modifier 5
7FF869?? Equipment modifier 6
7FF86A?? Equipment modifier 7
7FF86B?? Equipment modifier 8
7FF86C?? Equipment modifier 9
7FF86D?? Equipment modifier 10
7FF86E?? Equipment modifier 11
7FF86F?? Equipment modifier 12
7FF870?? Equipment modifier 13
7FF871?? Equipment modifier 14
7FF872?? Equipment modifier 15
7FF873?? Equipment modifier 16
7FF874?? Equipment modifier 17
7FF875?? Equipment modifier 18
7FF876?? Equipment modifier 19
7FF877?? Equipment modifier 20
7FF878?? Equipment modifier 21
7FF879?? Equipment modifier 22
7FF87A?? Equipment modifier 23
7FF87B?? Equipment modifier 24
7FF87C?? Equipment modifier 25
7FF87D?? Equipment modifier 26
7FF87E?? Equipment modifier 27
7FF87F?? Equipment modifier 28
7FF880?? Equipment modifier 29
7FF881?? Equipment modifier 30

Special item modifier codes[edit]

Special items are key items like the Rare Frog Coin et cetera. They're stored in a separate menu (in the pause menu, select Special Item).

Code Special Item spot
7FF8A0?? Special item modifier 1
7FF8A1?? Special item modifier 2
7FF8A2?? Special item modifier 3
7FF8A3?? Special item modifier 4
7FF8A4?? Special item modifier 5
7FF8A5?? Special item modifier 6
7FF8A6?? Special item modifier 7
7FF8A7?? Special item modifier 8
7FF8A8?? Special item modifier 9
7FF8A9?? Special item modifier 10
7FF8AA?? Special item modifier 11
7FF8AB?? Special item modifier 12
7FF8AC?? Special item modifier 13
7FF8AD?? Special item modifier 14
7FF8AE?? Special item modifier 15
7FF8AF?? Special item modifier 16

Miscellaneous codes[edit]

Code Effect
7E0048?? Battle modifier [trigger any battle and it will instead be the battle you specified]
7E004B?? Stage modifier [trigger any battle and it will play in the stage you specified]
C0553480 Grate Guy always points left in the Look the other way game
C106AF80 Enable battle debug (press Start during battle)
Enable overworld debug (check the lamp in Mario's Pad)
Press Select to end battle instantly
C2CBEEEA Automatically perform 100 Super Jumps [also times Fire Orb and Super Flame perfectly]
C2CC5A1A Automatically perform 100 Ultra Jumps [also times Ultra Flame perfectly]
C22CF200 Always get freebies when using items
C222A380 Always succeed in running away
C2C8E61A Automatically perform timed hits
Automatically perform timed defense
C2C2A400 All attacks (including the enemy's) do 9999 damage
Allow Mario to be switched with other characters [this also changes the overworld sprite although it may glitch up occasionally]
C0B82E?? Change Mario's running speed (on the overworld)
C014F7?? Change Mario's jumping height (on the overworld)

Quantity digits[edit]


These codes use hexadecimal values. The digits go from 0 to F.

Little endian[edit]

These codes are little endian, meaning the least significant digit comes first. So, for example, if you want the decimal value 999, you must set the value of the first code to E7 and the value of the second code to 03.


The Spell Modifier code uses binary values. This means that not the value as a whole is significant, but the bits that make up one byte. You can use any good calculator to convert binary to hexadecimal values and back.

The binary values are as follows. Simply add them if you want a combination of these:

  • First code:
    • 00000001 = Jump
    • 00000010 = Fire Orb
    • 00000100 = Super Jump
    • 00001000 = Super Flame
    • 00010000 = Ultra Jump
    • 00100000 = Ultra Flame
    • 01000000 = Therapy
    • 10000000 = Group Hug
  • Second code:
    • 00000001 = Sleepy Time
    • 00000010 = Come Back
    • 00000100 = Mute
    • 00001000 = Psych Bomb
    • 00010000 = Terrorize
    • 00100000 = Poison Gas
    • 01000000 = Crusher
    • 10000000 = Bowser Crush
  • Third code:
    • 00000001 = Geno Beam
    • 00000010 = Geno Boost
    • 00000100 = Geno Whirl
    • 00001000 = Geno Blast
    • 00010000 = Geno Flash
    • 00100000 = Thunderbolt
    • 01000000 = HP Rain
    • 10000000 = Psychopath
  • Fourth code:
    • 00000001 = Shocker
    • 00000010 = Snowy
    • 00000100 = Star Rain

You can easily give a character a move he doesn't normally learn (like giving Mario Group Hug). The character's graphics may glitch but otherwise this will work fine. You can even have more than six spells, the screen will then allow you to scroll similar to the item screen.

Item modifier[edit]

Value Item
60 Mushroom
61 Mid Mushroom
62 Max Mushroom
63 Honey Syrup
64 Maple Syrup
65 Royal Syrup
66 Pick Me Up
67 Able Juice
68 Bracer
69 Energizer
6A Yoshi-Ade
6B Red Essence
6C Kerokero Cola
6D Yoshi Cookie
6E Pure Water
6F Sleepy Bomb
70 Bad Mushroom
71 Fire Bomb
72 Ice Bomb
73 Flower Tab
74 Flower Jar
75 Flower Box
76 Yoshi Candy
77 Froggie Drink
78 Muku Cookie
79 Elixir
7A Megalixir
7B See Ya
7D Goodie Bag
7E Earlier Times
7F Freshen Up
81 Wallet
83 Rock Candy
85 Debug Bomb (test item that inflicts 255 damage on all enemies)
88 Sheep Attack
89 Carbo Cookie
8A Shiny Stone
8F Lamb's Lure
90 Fright Bomb
91 Mystery Egg
94 Lucky Jewel
99 Cystalline
9A Power Blast
9B Wilt Shroom
9C Rotten Mush
9D Moldy Mush
9E Seed
9F Fertilizer
A0 Waste Basket
A4 Secret Game (no idea what this is, but you can sell it for 999 coins.)
A5 S.Crow Bomb (test item that inflicts Scarecrow status on the targeted ally)
A7 Bane Bomb (test item that inflicts Poison status on the targeted ally)
A8 Doom Bomb (test item that inflicts 255 damage on the targeted ally)
A9 Fear Bomb (test item that inflicts Fear status on the targeted ally)
AA Sleep Bomb (test item that inflicts Sleep status on the targeted ally)
AB Mute Bomb (test item that inflicts Mute status on the targeted ally)
AC Fireworks
AD Bomb (test item that inflicts 255 damage on the targeted enemy)
AE Bright Card
AF Mushroom
B0 Star Egg

Equipment modifier[edit]

Value Equipment
05 Hammer
06 Froggie Stick
07 NokNok Shell
08 Punch Glove
09 Finger Shot
0A Cymbals
0B Chomp
0C Masher
0D Chomp Shell
0E Super Hammer
0F Hand Gun
10 Whomp Glove
11 Slap Glove
12 Troopa Shell
13 Parasol
14 Hurly Gloves
15 Double Punch
16 Ribbit Stick
17 Spiked Link
18 Mega Glove
19 War Fan
1A Hand Cannon
1B Sticky Glove
1C Ultra Hammer
1D Super Slap
1E Drill Claw
1F Star Gun
20 Sonic Cymbals
21 Lazy Shell [weapon]
22 Frying Pan
23 Hammer [Seaside Town]
25 Shirt
26 Pants
27 Thick Shirt
28 Thick Pants
29 Mega Shirt
2A Mega Pants
2B Work Pants
2C Mega Cape
2D Happy Shirt
2E Happy Pants
2F Happy Cape
30 Happy Shell
31 Polka Dress
32 Sailor Shirt
33 Sailor Pants
34 Sailor Cape
35 Nautica Dress
36 Courage Shell
37 Fuzzy Shirt
38 Fuzzy Pants
39 Fuzzy Cape
3A Fuzzy Dress
3B Fire Shirt
3C Fire Pants
3D Fire Cape
3E Fire Shell
3F Fire Dress
40 Hero Shirt
41 Prince Pants
42 Star Cape
43 Heal Shell
44 Royal Dress
45 Super Suit
46 Lazy Shell [armor]
4A Zoom Shoes
4B Safety Badge
4C Jump Shoes
4D Safety Ring
4E Amulet
4F Scrooge Ring
50 Exp. Booster
51 Attack Scarf
52 Rare Scarf
53 B'tub Ring
54 Antidote Pin
55 Wake Up Pin
56 Fearless Pin
57 Trueform Pin
58 Coin Trick
59 Ghost Medal
5A Jinx Belt
5B Feather
5C Troopa Pin
5D Signal Ring
5E Quartz Charm

Special item modifier[edit]

Value Special item
7C Temple Key
80 Rare Frog Coin
82 Cricket Pie
84 Castle Key 1
86 Castle Key 2
87 Bambino Bomb
8C Room Key
8D Elder Key
8E Shed Key
92 Beetle Box
93 Beetle Box
96 Soprano Card
97 Alto Card
98 Tenor Card
A1 Big Boo Flag
A2 Dry Bones Flag
A3 Greaper Flag
A6 Cricket Jam

Battle modifier[edit]

Note that one value may have several enemy formations. So for example, when using the value 06 you may encounter either two or three Goombas.

Value Enemy formation
00 Terrapin
01 Terrapin (×4)
02 Spikey (×2)
03 Spikey (×3)
04 Sky Troopa
05 Sky Troopa (×2), Goomba
06 Goomba (×2)
07 Frogog, Goomba, Spikey
08 K-9
09 Frogog (×2), K-9
0A Shyster (×2)
0B Shyster (×2)
0C Rat Funk (×2)
0D Hobgoblin (×2), Rat Funk
0E The Big Boo, Shadow
0F The Big Boo (×3), Shadow
10 Goby (×2)
11 Goby (×3)
12 Crook (×2)
13 Arachne, Crook, Starslap
14 Shy Guy, Starslap
15 Arachne, Crook, Shy Guy
16 Shy Guy, Starslap
17 Starslap (×4)
18 Wiggler
19 Wiggler, Guerrilla
1A Amanita (×2)
1B Buzzer, Amanita, Guerrilla
1C Buzzer, Octolot
1D Guerrilla, Buzzer
1E Sparky
1F Sparky (×3)
20 Shy Ranger (×4), Goomba
21 Pirahna Plant (×2), Goomba, Sparky
22 Pirahna Plant
23 Pirahna Plant (×5)
24 Bob-omb
25 Bob-omb (×2), Enigma, Cluster
26 Enigma, Sparky
27 Enigma (×2), Sparky (×2)
28 Magmite (×2)
29 Magmite (×2), Bob-omb, Cluster
2A Lakitu
2B Lakitu (×2), Artichoker
2C Carroboscis, Spikester
2D Spikester (×4), Carroboscis
2E Orb User, Spookum
2F Spookum (×2), Remo Con
30 Rob-omb
31 Rob-omb (×4), Orb User
32 Jester, Chomp
33 Jester (×2), Chomp
34 Blaster, Spookum
35 Rob-omb (×2), Spookum (×2), Blaster
36 Torte
37 Torte (×4)
38 Mukumuku
39 Pulsar, Mukumuku, Gecko
3A Sackit (×2)
3B Mastadoom, Sackit
3C Gecko, Sackit
3D Gecko (×2), Mastadoom
3E Zeostar (×2)
3F Crusty, Zeostar, Leuko
40 Bloober, Mr. Kipper
41 Bloober (×2), Zeostar (×2), Leuko
42 Mr. Kipper (×3)
43 Mr. Kipper (×4)
44 Bandana Red (×4)
45 Bandana Red (×5)
46 Bandana Blue
47 Bandana Blue (×2), Greaper (×2), Straw Head
48 Dry Bones (×2)
49 Greaper (×2), Dry Bones (×2), Reacher
4A Gorgon, Alley Rat
4B Gorgon, Reacher, Alley Rat
4C Greaper
4D Straw Head (×2), Greaper, Gorgon
4E Drill Bit [this enemy does not normally appear in the game. It works just like the Machine Made Jabits.]
4F Drill Bit (×5)
50 Stinger, Fink Flower
51 Stinger (×4)
52 Chow, Octovader
53 Shogun (×2), Chow, Fink Flower
54 Chomp Chomp
55 Chomp Chomp (×4)
56 Shy Away
57 Ribbite, Geckit, Shy Away
58 Chewy (×2)
59 Chewy (×2), Geckit (×2), Kriffid
5A Spinthra, Geckit
5B Spinthra, Geckit (×2), Kriffid
5C Birdy, Heavy Troopa
5D Birdy (×5)
5E Bluebird (×2)
5F Bluebird (×2), Heavy Troopa
60 Pinwheel
61 Pinwheel (×3), Sling Shy (×2)
62 Shaman (×2)
63 Sling Shy (×2), Shaman (×2), Jawful
64 Sling Shy, Orbison
65 Pinwheel (×2), Sling Shy (×2), Muckle
66 Magmus
67 Magmus (×2), Armored Ant (×2)
68 Oerlikon, Vomer
69 Oerlikon (×2), Chained Kong
6A Pyrosphere (×3)
6B Stumpet, Pyrosphere (×2)
6C Vomer, Chained Kong
6D Vomer (×2), Stumpet
6E Terra Cotta
6F Terra Cotta (×2), Gu Goomba (×2), Forkies
70 Malakoopa, Tub-O-Troopa
71 Tub-O-Troopa (×2), Malakoopa
72 Gu Goomba (×2)
73 Gu Goomba (×2), Malakoopa (×2), Terra Cotta (×2)
74 Big Bertha
75 Big Bertha (×2), Terra Cotta
76 Magikoopa [from the introduction movie]
77 Magikoopa [from the introduction movie]
78 Ninja
79 Ninja (×5)
7A Glum Reaper, Springer
7B Puppox (×2), Springer
7C Mad Mallet (×2)
7D Mad Mallet (×5)
7E Pounder
7F Pounder (×5)
80 Poundette
81 Poundette (×6)
82 Ameboid
83 Ameboid
84 Glum Reaper (×3)
85 Glum Reaper (×2), Li'l Boo (×2)
86 Li'l Boo
87 Li'l Boo (×4)
88 Mad Mallet, Jabit
89 Mad Mallet (×2), Jabit (×2), Poundette (×2)
8A Rat Funk
8B Artichoker
8C Punchinello
8D Crook (×3)
8E Snifit
8F Fireball (×2)
90 Magmus (×2), Stumpet
91 Corkpedite, Oerlikon
92 Clerk, Mad Mallet (×2)
93 Manager, Pounder (×3)
94 Director, Poundette (×4)
95 Gunyolk, Factory Chief
96 Mad Mallet (×3)
97 Apprentice
98 Machine Made [Shyper]
99 Machine Made [Jabit]
9C Pandorite
9D Hidon
9E Box Boy
9F Chester
A0 Bowser [the fight at the beginning of the game]
A1 Booster, Snifit (×3)
A2 Booster [defunct]
A3 Croco [Bandit's Way]
A4 Croco [Coal Mines]
A5 Croco [defunct]
A6 Johnny, Bandana Blue (×4)
A7 Tentacles (×8), King Calamari
A8 Belome [Kero Sewers]
A9 Belome [Belome Temple]
AB Valentina, Dodo
AC Czar Dragon
AD Smilax (×8), Megasmilax
AE Count Down, Ding-A-Ling (×2)
AF Birdo
B0 Bundt, Raspberry, Torte (×2)
B1 Knife Guy, Grate Guy
B2 Jinx [first time]
B3 Mack, Bodyguard (×4)
B4 Yaridovich
B5 Bowyer
B6 Axem Rangers
B7 Hammer Bro (×2)
B8 Cloaker, Domino
B9 Smithy, Smelter
BA Exor
BB Jinx [second time]
BC Jinx [third time]
BD Jagger
BE Super Spike [this enemy does not normally appear in the game, but he's identical to the regular Spikey anyway]
BF Heavy Troopa (×3)
C0 Shows the scene where Toadstool is shown on top of Booster Tower. Her speech is replaced with Count Down's attacks for some reason.
C1 Shows the scene where Mario goes up to rescue Toadstool. Her speech is replaced with Count Down's attacks for some reason.
C2 Shows Mario going into the hole leading to the Sunken Ship.
C3 Shows Mario coming out of the hole leading to the Sunken Ship.
C4 Part of the intro cinematic
C5 Part of the intro cinematic
C6 Part of the intro cinematic
C7 Part of the intro cinematic
C8 Part of the intro cinematic
C9 Part of the intro cinematic
CA Part of the intro cinematic
CB Part of the intro cinematic
CC Part of the intro cinematic
CD Timed Hits tutorial
CE Shogun (×3)
CF Mokura
D0 Dodo
D1 Magikoopa
D2 Boomer
D3 Machine Made [Mack]
D4 Machine Made [Bowyer]
D5 Machine Made [Yaridovich]
D6 Machine Made [Axem Rangers]
D7 Smithy [well, almost. It's only his head, so he is a sitting duck. If you kill him, the screen will become white and then you'll be returned to the game with the screen still being white, making it very hard to control]
D8 Culex
E0 Terra Cotta (×4)
E1 Oerlikon (×2), Star Cruster
E2 Big Bertha (×2), Sackit
E3 Chow (×2), Forkies
E4 Armored Ant (×2), Alley Rat
E5 Bloober (×3), Star Cruster
E6 Stinger (×4)
E7 Geckit (×2), Chained Kong
E8 Big Bertha (×2), Rob-omb
E9 Vomer (×4)
EA Magmus (×2), Pulsar (×2)
EC Gu Goomba (×5)
ED Malakoopa (×2), Tub-O-Troopa
EE The Big Boo (×2), Orbison (×2)
EF Sling Shy (×5)
F0 Chewy (×2), Shy Away (×2)
F1 Muckle (×2), Mr. Kipper
F2 Amanita (×2), Orbison
F3 Greaper (×2), Glum Reaper
F4 Pyrosphere (×3)
F5 Lakitu (×3)
F6 Zeostar (×2), Shaman (×2)
F7 Shaman (×6)

Stage modifier[edit]

Value Stage
00 Forest Maze
01 Bowyer fight
02 Bean Valley (vines area)
03 King Kalamari fight [slightly misplaced...]
04 Sunken Ship
05 Coal Mines
07 Bowser's Keep
08 Czar Dragon fight
09 Mushroom Way
0A Booster Pass
0B Mushroom Kingdom, house
0C Booster Tower
0D Mushroom Kingdom, castle
0E Kero Sewers, underwater
10 Exor fight
11 Knife Guy & Grate Guy fight
12 Count Down fight
13 Gate
14 Barrel Volcano
15 Kero Sewers, above water
16 Nimbus Land
17 Birdo fight
18 Valentina fight
19 Underground
1C Mushroom Kingdom, outside
1D Chandeliers in Bowser's Keep
1E Cutscene where Mario and Mallow run up to Geno [slightly misplaced again]
1F Level Up foreground [slightly glitched - the HP scrolls like the background would]
20 Level Up background
21 Land's End, grass area
22 Underwater background that is never actually used in the game
23 Bundt fight
24 Star Hill
25 Yaridovich fight
26 Sea
27 Axem Rangers fight
28 Cloaker and Domino fight [misplaced]
29 Bean Valley
2A Belome Temple
2B Land's End, desert area
2C Smithy fight, first part
2D Smithy fight, second part
2E Jinx' dojo
2F Culex fight
30 Factory
31 Bean Valley, pipe rooms