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Geno (or ♥♪!? if you prefer) is an other-worldly creature hailing from the Star Road. He possesses a doll named Geno to interact with and help Mario rid the world of Smithy. Geno's special attacks tend to take the form of energy blasts while his weapons tend to be guns integrated into his arms.

Special Moves[edit]

Name FP Target(s) Timing Notes
Geno Beam 3 One Enemy Press and hold Y Button to build energy. Fire a laser beam at a foe.
Geno Boost 4 One Ally Press Y Button just before the boost. Boost attack stats; boosts defense stats with timing.
Geno Whirl 8 One Enemy Press Y Button just before the attack hits. May deal 9,999 damage with timing (when the beam reaches the edge of the screen).
Geno Blast 12 All Enemies Press and hold Y Button to build energy. Cause energy beams to rain down on the field.
Geno Flash 16 All Enemies Press and hold Y Button to build energy. Transform into a cannon and blast foes with energy.


Name Power Location Price Notes Description
Finger Shot 12 Rose Town, Moleville 50 Given by Gaz in the Inn after obtaining the 2nd star. Fingers shoot bullets
Hand Gun 24 Marrymore 75 Available at item shop. It packs a kick
Double Punch 35 Seaside Town 88 Available at item shop after obtaining the 5th star. A handy double rocket punch
Hand Cannon 45 Nimbus Land 105 Available at item shop. Shoots bullet from elbow!
Star Gun 57 Bowser's Keep 120 Found in the six doors challenge. Try shooting stars!


Name Defense Magic Defense Location Price Notes
Mega Cape 6 3 Moleville 22 Available at item shop.
Happy Cape 12 6 Marrymore 38 Available at item shop.
Sailor Cape 18 9 The Sea 50 Available for purchase from the robed man.
Fuzzy Cape 24 12 Nimbus Land 70 Available at item shop.
Fire Cape 30 15 Barrel Volcano 90 Available at Hino Mart.
Star Cape 36 18 Bowser's Keep 100 Available for purchase from Croco after defeating Magikoopa.