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Hidden treasure boxes are scattered around the game. If Mario jumps and hits one, it will appear and drop an item. If you're having difficulty finding them, you can get the Signal Ring from Nimbus Land, which will make hidden treasure boxes easier to find by making a sound when Mario is near one. If you haven't found many boxes, go back to every place you've been to with the signal ring equipped on Mario.

The following is a list of all of the boxes in the game, in an easy order to get them in. Some have requirements:

  1. The first time you go to Mushroom Kingdom at the beginning of the game, Toad will meet you at the entrance to the castle and you need to jump on his head and then jump on top of the doorway to reach this hidden treasure chest. This is one of the hardest chest to get because this is the only time you will have the extra step (Toad's head) to jump high enough to reach it.