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Mallow, the tadpole who looks nothing like one, is the second character you'll come to control. He first joins you in the Mushroom Kingdom after whilst on an errand from his granddad. Mallow's special abilities revolve around his ability to manipulate weather and his Psychopath technique allows him to reveal the remaining HP of an enemy.

Special Moves[edit]

Name FP Target(s) Timing Normal effect Timed effect
Thunderbolt 2 All Enemies Press Y Button just before the attack finishes. Bring lightning down on the field; may scare ghosts. Increases damage dealt by 25% (thunder will ring a second time and the screen will flash white).
HP Rain 2 One Ally Press Y Button just before rain ends. Restore an ally's HP (based on M. Def level). Increases restored HP by 25% (you will hear a power-up sound just before the "Thank you!" text appears).
Psychopath 1 One Enemy Press Y Button just before the spotlights center on the enemy. Reveal an enemy's remaining HP. Reveal any additional hints, thoughts, or secrets (you will hear a jiggling sound just before the cloud appears).
Shocker 8 One Enemy Press Y Button just before the attack hits. Bring a giant lightning bolt to bear on an enemy. Damage increased (sharper thunder sound rings)
Snowy 12 All Enemies Rotate Neutral Dpad clockwise to build energy. Summon a massive snowman to attack all enemies.
Star Rain 14 All Enemies Press Y Button just before the attack hits. Summon a falling star to crush all foes. Allows for consecutive hits (plays a jingle after each additional stomp).


Name Power Location Price Notes
Froggie Stick 20 Tadpole Pond 180 Given by Frogfucius after giving him Cricket Pie.
Cymbals 30 Moleville 42 Available at item shop.
Whomp Glove 40 Marrymore 72 Available at item shop.
Ribbit Stick 50 Seaside Town 86 Available at item shop after obtaining the 5th star.
Sticky Glove 60 Nimbus Land 98 Available at item shop.
Sonic Cymbals 70 Bowser's Keep 108 Found in the six doors challenge.


Name Defense Magic Defense Location Price Notes
Pants 6 3 Mushroom Kingdom 7 Available at item shop.
Thick Pants 12 6 Rose Town 14 Available at item shop.
Mega Pants 18 9 Moleville 22 Available at item shop.
Happy Pants 24 12 Marrymore 38 Available at item shop.
Sailor Pants 30 15 The Sea 50 Available for purchase from the robed man.
Fuzzy Pants 36 18 Nimbus Land 70 Available at item shop.
Fire Pants 42 21 Barrel Volcano 90 Available at Hino Mart.
Prince Pants 48 24 Bowser's Keep 100 Available for purchase from Croco after defeating Magikoopa.