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Weapons Shop
Item Price
Troopa Shell 90
Parasol 84
Hurly Gloves 92
Double Punch 88
Ribbit Stick 86
NokNok Shell 20
Punch Glove 36
Finger Shot 50
Cymbals 42
Chomp Shell 60
Super Hammer 70
Hand Gun 75
Whomp Glove 72
Slap Glove 100
Hammer 123
Armor Shop
Item Price
Sailor Shirt 50
Sailor Pants 50
Sailor Cape 50
Nautica Dress 50
Shirt 7
Pants 7
Thick Shirt 14
Thick Pants 14
Mega Shirt 22
Mega Pants 22
Mega Cape 22
Happy Shirt 38
Happy Pants 38
Happy Cape 38
Happy Shell 38
Health Food Store
Item Price
Mushroom 4
Mid Mushroom 20
Honey Syrup 10
Maple Syrup 30
Pick Me Up 5
Able Juice 4
Freshen Up 50
Accessory Shop
Item Price
Jump Shoes 30
Antidote Pin 28
Wake Up Pin 42
Fearless Pin 130
Trueform Pin 60
Zoom Shoes 100

Now that all the townspeople of Seaside Town are back, the shops are open for business. They sell almost every item you got up to this point in the game, plus some new ones.

In the left building, the first door leads to the Beetles Are Us store. Here you can buy a beetle cage to play the beetle game on Booster Hill if you want.

The next two doors lead to one large room where you can find a weapons and an armor shop. Buy the Parasol for Peach, the Double Punch for Geno and the Ribbit Stick for Mallow and equip everything. Don't bother with the Troopa Shell as the Masher is still more powerful. Also, the Hammer they sell here is not the same Hammer you got from the Hammer Bros. - it has zero attack power, but a timed hit with it guarantees Lucky status, which lets you play the egg game. If you like gambling, and don't mind Mario doing only 1 damage to enemies, get this. The armor shop has nothing new, so skip it.

In the top building, the first door leads to the Health Food Store, where you can buy some items to help you in combat. Stock up on whatever you need, then leave the store. The second door leads to the Mushroom boy. Get some mushrooms from the Forest Maze and give them to him, and there's a slight chance he will identify them as special mushrooms, giving you some items. The third door leads to the accessory shop. You should have everything from there already, so just leave.

Now, go to the elder's house and talk to the real elder this time. He tells you that a mouse told him about a star being behind Land's End. Leave the area and proceed to Land's End.

Land's End, preamble[edit]

Note: anywhere in this area, a small puff cloud may suddenly appear. Jump into it to start a battle...

Miniboss: Mokura[edit]

At the beginning, Mokura is formless. In this state he can only be attacked by special attacks, so attack him once using any special attack (like Geno Beam or Fire Orb) and he will materialize. Now simply physically attack him. He has some strong special attacks but not much more, and should go down rather quickly. Heal occasionally if needed.

Land's End[edit]

There's a save point right at the beginning, so feel free to save if you need to. Now, jump into the cannon and shoot yourself forward to fly onto the cliff and continue your journey. In the next area, jump in front of the cliff around the center to reveal a hidden platform. (You can just shoot yourself forward into the hole but that will reveal enemies that may give you some trouble.) Now, jump just in front of the hole to reveal another platform. Get back into the cannon and shoot forward to land on the top platform. It will take you to a Treasure Box with a Frog Coin inside. Now, jump onto the top cliff from this platform, go to the left corner and jump to reveal a hidden Treasure Box with a KeroKero Cola inside, then go to the next area.

In this area, Geckits will be shot up onto the cliffs, and will then walk back to the cannon. Try to jump over the cliffs while the enemies are not on them to avoid battles, if you get into a battle, first kill the other monsters because the Geckits will more than likely just attack themselves. (On the other hand, if you feel you're too low leveled, you can use this area to grind a bit as they award quite some EXP. Be sure to put Toadstool in your party if you do that so you can heal during battle.)

The next area has another save point. Here, your job is to climb the cliff using the spinning flowers. The enemies present make this a bit challenging as they're rather powerful and will chase you. First of all however, go around the side and jump to the last blue flower to the middle one to uncover a hidden Treasure Box with a Frog Coin inside. Then make your way up and go to the next area. Here, ignore the Shaman and jump over the bridge to the other side, and follow the path.

Now comes a desert area. There's yet another save point here, and the mouse the elder told about in Seaside Town. Talk to him and he will tell you to look out for the whirls where the ants are to get to Monstro Town. Now, don't go into any of the whirls here but go up and you'll see one whirl where an ant pops up constantly. Get to it and you'll get into a battle. If Mallow has learned Snowy use that and it will easily get rid of them, otherwise defeat them the old fashioned way. Then, quickly follow the whirl since it will probably move away from you now to get sucked through. In the third area there will be only two whirls and they will move in an erratic pattern making this even harder. In the fourth area the Shogun will even switch the whirls.

Now, after the fourth whirlpool, you'll be in an underground area. There's a save point here so save now. The Treasure Box below contains an invincilibity star, collect it, run forward and quickly take out all the Geckits on your way plus the Chows in front of the holes. Fall down the hole at the end and you should be in another area full of Geckits. Behind the boxes hides a Shaman who's willing to sell you another invincibility star for 400 coins. Pay it, then take the star and knock out all the Geckits here as well and you should most likely level up several times. Now follow the sign to the next area...

Belome Temple[edit]

A very subtle hint to the miniboss who will now be coming. Go down the stairs and there will be a Shaman, ignore him and run further. In the next area there's a Treasure Box with 50 coins, and a Shaman who will tell you your fortune if you pay him these 50 coins. Simply hit the switches on the wall in any order and your fortune will be told on a letter, which will then take effect in the following room. The result depends on the order you hit the switches in:

  • Left, Middle, Right: Recovery Mushroom
  • Left, Right, Middle: Yoshi Cookie
  • Middle, Left, Right: Enemy fight: Chow (x3)
  • Middle, Right, Left: Enemy fight: Shy Away
  • Right, Left, Middle: Frog Coin
  • Right, Middle, Left: Coins

Anyway, once you have your fortune told, jump up, follow the path and go down the pipe at the end. The next room will hold your fortune, collect it (or beat it) and then the gate should open, simply go through. The next area has a Treasure Box with some coins, and one with a Frog Coin. In the corner you can find a hidden Treasure Box with another Frog Coin. Now continue and you'll find another switch. Press it and a letter will jump out, if it reads "Mmm, I'm so hungry! Wish I had something to eat!" continue by jumping on the elevator, otherwise leave the room and return. In the next room simply go down the pipe and you'll meet the chief of this temple...

Miniboss: Belome[edit]

This time, he's a bit beefed up. Beware especially his Aurora Flash attack, which can put everyone to sleep if you don't have protective items. He now got the new ability to clone a member of your party and have him fight against you. These clones are no match for you and can be defeated easily (if you have Pure Water, that works too).

Have Bowser use Terrorize at the beginning to cast Fear status upon Belome. Now, attack him with either physical or special attacks (whatever you're more comfortable with). There are a number of ways to take Belome down, and unless he uses Aurora Flash he shouldn't be much of a threat. Especially Geno Blast is very useful if he already created a number of clones.

After the fight, a green switch will be revealed. Jump on it, this time no water will come rushing out and you'll be able to go through the gate. Now simply go down the pipe.

Monstro Town[edit]

Item Shop
Item Price
Spiked Link 94
Courage Shell 60
Mid Mushroom 20
Maple Syrup 30
Pick Me Up 5
Able Juice 4
Freshen Up 50
Goomba triplets
Item Price
Mushroom 4

Monstro Town is a town carved into a large cliff. If you want to save, the save point is hidden in a hole at the far right side.

First, go through the fourth door which happens to be the item shop. It turns out this Item Shop is run by a Goomba who fled from Bowser's attack force. Bowser will accept his apology, and the Goomba will show you his three offsprings, who will call Bowser "uncle". (which does not make any sense...) Anyway, the Spiked Link is a new weapon for Bowser so get it and equip it. Forget about the Courage Shell as the Work Pants are still better. Otherwise, stock up on items if you need. The mushrooms the triplets sell are special. They heal 30 HP, but also turn you into a mushroom, so they aren't terribly useful.

Now exit, and note the key on the cliff you can't reach. Go through the second door and talk to the Thwomp six or seven times, then return outside. With his stomping, he made the key fall to the ground, where you can easily collect it. Return to the Belome Temple and ride the elevator back up to the room with a switch and Shaman. Hit the switch. If it says: "Sorry, I'm not accepting visitors past my bedtime," then step on the elevator and go forward. (If it doesn't say that, then leave the room and come back.) A Golden Belome asks for your key, give it to him and he will grant you access to the room. This room contains seven Frog Coins, four Flowers, a Fire Bomb, a Royal Syrup and a Max Mushroom. If your inventory is running full pick up the flowers first and then use one of your syrups. Leave the room, ride the elevator back up, hit the switch again, ride the elevator back down to return to Monstro Town.

The Chow next to the Thwomp counts the amount of times you have consecutively Super Jumped. If you managed to perform more than 30 Super Jumps, you get the Attack Scarf, which is an accessory for Mario that adds 30 to every stat, which makes him quite powerful. If you manage to do the maximum of 100 consecutive Super Jumps, he gives you the Super Suit, an armor that adds 50 to every stat, and when equipped to Mario together with the Attack Scarf makes him nigh invincible. This is however completely offset by the difficulty in performing 100 Super Jumps, since the timing is almost frame precise and you'll need lots of training until you can do this.

The third door is locked. Go through the first door and you'll see Monstermama. Talk to her and a conversation will start where Mario asks for the star. Monstermama will tell you it's upstairs, so go up only to see it's just a seastar. Interact with it and it will do a little dance. Now, return downstairs and talk to Monstermama and Mario will tell her this is not the star he's looking for. Monstermama will tell you that there is none here, and the last place to go now is up. To aid you, she calls in an armada of Sky Troopas who will go into formation in front of the cliff.

Exit and go all the way back through the Belome Temple. This time, pay the Shaman 100 coins to grant you access to the springboard. When outside, follow the path to the north. A short cutscene will show the Sky Troopas going into formation. Your job is to jump across the shells to get to the top of the cliff, which is easier said than done. If you manage to climb the cliff in less than eleven seconds, you will get the Troopa Pin. In any case, go north to continue your journey.

Bean Valley[edit]

Note: Put Mallow into your party. Most of the enemies you'll encounter here are weak to Ice attacks, so Mallow's Snowy attack will take them down quickly. They will also award many items.

This area is like the Pipe Maze from Super Mario Bros. 3. At the beginning, take the right pipe (the top one leads to a dead end). In the next area go down the other pipe. Here there is a pipe below you and a path to the north. are two pipes. Go to the lower pipe and enter it. This pipe will lead you to a secluded area with a Treasure Box containing a Flower. Now, return and take the path to the northwest. Here, there are five pipes arranged in a star formation. You can go down any of the pipes by waiting until the Shy Away waters them and beating the enemy. Going down the pipes will lead you to these places:

  • Top: There are three Geckits and a Chomp Chomp. Kill the Chomp Chomp, then go to the corner and jump three times to reveal a secret path... (see Sidequests for more information)
  • Top left: The lone Treasure Box here is actually a slot machine. Jump up three times and if you're lucky they will match and you will get an item, if not you'll have to fight.
  • Top right: The Treasure Box right next to you contains a Box Boy. As you may know by now, it's weak against Jump, so use Ultra Jump to dish it out. It has some strong specials which may cause you some trouble, and it can also summon a Fautso which does not make the situation better. The only good thing about it is that you get a lot of coins for defeating it. In the top corner at the bottom floor, jump up to find a Frog Coin. By jumping on the springboard at the left side on the top floor, you get to a secluded area with another Frog Coin.
  • Bottom left: There's just a single slot machine here.
  • Bottom right: Another slot machine.

Once you're done here, continue to the north and you'll find a save point. In the next area there will be a single pipe, wait until the Shy Away waters it to enter the fight...

Miniboss: Smilax[edit]

At the beginning there's only one head. Simply physically attack it and it should die. Then, the Shy Away returns to water the plant, this time there will be two heads. Again attack them physically, they won't pose much of a problem. Once they're gone, the Shy Away will pour recycled water on them, and this time there are three heads to kill. This is an excellent opportunity to use your strong magic powers like Snowy and Geno Blast, while Mario should continue attacking physically or heal FP.

Once these are gone, Shy Away returns once again and this time added some nutrients to the water. Now there's two small heads and one large, which is where the real fight begins. Especially the large one can cause trouble, since he's able to cast Petal Blast which can turn your entire party into mushrooms, making them unable to attack. Mario should attack Megasmilax physically or heal, while Mallow and Geno should use their special powers to knock out the two smaller heads. Then Geno should switch to physical attacks which Mallow can continue using Snowy. Since Megasmilax uses primarily status changing attacks, you should not take much damage if you have status blocking items. He has some considerable defense, but should nonetheless go down after some time.

Bean Valley, part 2[edit]

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Once he's gone, the Shy Away will flee. Follow him and he'll drop a Seed. Pick it up then go down the pipe. In the next area, hit the block from below and a large beanstalk will grow. Hit it again and Mario will climb up the beanstalk. In the following area, you need to climb up the vines here to get to the next area. The controls are a bit counter-intuitive: run or jump against the vine and Mario will automatically grab it. Use Up Dpad to climb up the vine, and B Button to jump off it. (There's also a letter in front of the first vine which explains this) It's rather easy to fall off the vines, which makes this so annoying.

There are several coins and frog coins along the vines if you need some. In the next area, climb up the leftmost vine to get to a Treasure Box containing a flower. Now, climb up the right vine. The next area is extremely annoying, since you must hold Down Dpad to jump over to the vine, but the same button is also used to climb down the vine, making you fall off automatically (note that this inconvenience can be avoided as once you are on top of the yellow vine, simply jump straight up and a yellow floating platform appears). Once you climb up, you'll find two Treasure Boxes with a Frog Coin and a Rare Scarf. Fall down the right hole to get to another cloud which has another two Treasure Boxes with one flower in each. Fall down the next hole and you'll automatically land in front of the Royal Springs. Now, just use the nearby springboard, and once up, take the left springboard.

Nimbus Land[edit]

Item Shop
Item Price
Mid Mushroom 20
Maple Syrup 30
Pick Me Up 5
Able Juice 4
Freshen Up 50
Mega Glove 102
War Fan 100
Hand Cannon 105
Sticky Glove 98
Fuzzy Shirt 70
Fuzzy Pants 70
Fuzzy Cape 70
Fuzzy Dress 70

As soon as you get up, a cutscene will start. Valentina says that King Nimbus' condition is getting worse. She also presents the lost prince, Prince Mallow, who apparently has the same name as your little puff ball, and decides to make Valentina his queen. Oh well.

Your first destination should be the item shop to your immediate left. Note the harsh price increase in weaponry. Get all the weapons and armor and equip them. (Feel free to sell your old equipment if you're short on funds.) Save in the inn if you want, then head to Garro's house at the top left. Examine the Mallow statue at the top and Garro will find out the real Prince Mallow is standing in front of him. Mallow figures that the King isn't actually sick and tries to break in, but is promptly thrown out by the guards. Garro has an idea, however. Talk to him and he will make you into a statue to smuggle you into the castle together with the Valentina statues.

Nimbus Castle[edit]

With some lies, Garro indeed manages to get you into the castle. The fake Prince, whose name is actually Dodo, will carry you to your place. As soon as he leaves, you will regain control. Go up to the next room and you will find a save point. Save here if you want, then try to go through the door. You'll hear Valentina commanding Dodo to polish the statues, and with this another puzzle begins. As you are not actually a statue, Dodo pecking on you will reveal your true self. Therefore, it's your job to jump just as Dodo tries to peck you, so he does not see you jumping. If you fail this, you'll have to fight against Dodo. If you succeed, you'll find a Feather in the next room, an accessory which greatly increases speed.

Now, go through the door and go forward, you'll hear two guards talking. They look at the Mario statue and try to hit it, as they see that the statue is alive they panic and run away. Now, go to the north and follow the passageway. In the following room you'll find a Treasure Box containing a flower. Follow the passageway down to find a Treasure Box with a Recovery Mushroom. Now, return to the previous room and take the top door (the one that's not guarded). Go through the passageway and go down the stairs. In the next room you'll find a save point and all the old castle guards who are now imprisoned here. Talk to the one on the far left and he will give you the Castle Key 1. Talk to the blue guy and you get a Flower Jar.

Now leave the room and immediately turn to the left. There's an invisible way here, follow it until the end and jump up to reveal a hidden Treasure Box containing a Frog Coin. Now, return until you find the door guarded by the Heavy Troopa. Fight it (Mario's Ultra Jump helps a lot) and then unlock the door behind it using your Castle Key. In the next room you'll see a Shy Away, strangely, watering an egg. As he sees Mario he tries to flee, only to notice the door behind him is locked. Now, talk to the egg, it will ask you if you want to play. Say yes.

Miniboss: Birdo[edit]

At the beginning, simply shatter the egg using physical attacks. Once it breaks, Birdo will come out. He attacks you by shooting eggs at you, which can do considerable damage. If you try to block them, they may repel off and become Eggberts, which you can attack to damage Birdo. Continue attacking and he will die quickly.

Nimbus Castle,part 2[edit]

Birdo will drop off the Castle Key 2. Use it to unlock the door ahead of you. The Pinwheel can push you off the way so it's wise to attack it. (The Treasure Box at the bottom contains a flower.) In the next room, the door to the left is locked, so continue by going to the north. (Examine the door and Bowser will try to break through the door, but Mallow stops him at the last moment, making him absolutely angry...) There's another Heavy Troopa group to defeat here (again use Ultra Jump). By going through the next door, you have reached Valentina. Mallow tries to get the truth out of here, but she decides to run.

Before you follow her, put Bowser in the middle of your party (you'll see why later). Now, follow the group through the door. There's another save point here if you feel the need to save, otherwise continue into the next room by going through the door. Go forward and jump under the treasure box to reveal a platform. The treasure box contains an Invincibility Star - quickly run forward and if you're quick you'll be able to kill Dodo using the invincibility star, which saves you an annoying fight. Now, go through the door and you'll notice there's no ground beneath your feet... You'll fall all the way down to the Royal Springs again so get back up.

A cutscene begins where the residents ask Valentina and surround here until she becomes absolutely angry and tells the residents to shut up. In this moment, Mario comes to challenge her...

Miniboss: Valentina[edit]

At the beginning, a cutscene will show Dodo taking away the middle party member (this is why Bowser should be in the middle of the party). In the fight vs. Dodo, simply attack physically. You will need to heal, but after a while Dodo will retreat. Now, the scene switches over to the two remaining party members who now fight against Valentina. Geno should probably cast Geno Boost on Mario and himself, while Mario attacks physically. After a while Dodo will return with the middle party member. Geno should cast Geno Boost on him as well while the others concentrate on Valentina. She has some strong special powers so you may need to heal (unless you got the Super Suit, which makes you immune to almost anything she can do), but after some attacks, she decides to retreat.

Nimbus Land[edit]

The key will drop on top of Mallow. He will now run off to rescue the King and Queen, after which Mario is invited to talk with them. After a lengthy discussion where Mario shows all his buddies, Queen Nimbus notes that a star fell into the Barrel Volcano, but the King says that beating the Czar Dragon will be difficult. The Queen will also note that Hinopio may be of your help. In any case, after the discussion is over, go to where the King was imprisoned and you'll find the guard who gave you the Castle Key. Talk to him again and he will give you a Flower Jar. Before you leave, follow the path behind the King and Queen back to the treasure box with the star. The box is active again, and now has a Flower.

Now leave the castle, and once you're outside, walk along the right border until you find an invisible path. Follow it to find the Shy Away again. He gives you the Fertilizer and rushes off. Now, go into the top-right house and you'll see Croco trying to steal stuff. Catch him by surprise and he runs off but leaves behind the Signal Ring, which detects hidden Treasure Boxes. Now, your next destination is Rose Town, so leave by falling down the hole and using the right springboard.

Rose Town[edit]

Go all the way through and you'll find a new path. Follow it and go into the house at the end to get to the gardener. He becomes all hysterical and crazy as he notices you have the Seed and the Fertilizer. Give both to him and it will cause a large beanstalk to grow. Now, go outside and climb the beanstalk to get onto a cloud where there are two Treasure Boxes. Both have a Lazy Shell - one is the strongest weapon for Mario in the game, the other is an armor that makes you like a tank but at the same time strips you of most of your attack power. Equip the Lazy Shell weapon to Mario and leave the armor alone for now, as you'll need it only in very limited circumstances.

Nimbus Land[edit]

Go to the Royal Springs, as you have Mallow with you you're granted access, but they'll tell you to be careful to not fall into the volcano. Here, you can jump into the water which will heal you completely. There's also a way to the right, follow it and... whoops. You're now falling into the volcano!

Barrel Volcano[edit]

Note: Since the enemies here are weak to ice, you may want to have Mallow in your party.

You'll start off in a small room. Get out, then climb up to the next area. The conveniently placed signs will show your way around. After a while, you'll get to your first Treasure Box, which contains a flower. Just on the other side, there's another Treasure Box with some coins inside. In the next area, the Treasure Box immediately in front of you contains an Invincibility Star. Collect it, then quickly run up to the next area and knock out the Corkpedite and all the Oerlikons lingering around here. Now, climb the stairs. In the next area, there are flames which will follow you, be sure to avoid them and continue.

In the following area, you must cross the lava pit by jumping on the platforms sticking out, while avoiding the flames jumping out. If you fall into the lava, you'll return to the beginning of this area. In the next area, you can collect some Frog Coins by jumping on the platforms. Otherwise, continue while avoiding the Vomers (which can again only be killed by special attacks). In the next area, you can actually fight the Stumpet from down here if you wish, otherwise continue. The following area has two Treasure Boxes with a Flower and a Frog Coin, there's also a save point here if you want to save. In any case, simply follow the path and defeat any enemies on the way. At the end, you'll find a Treasure Box with some coins inside and a strange Mexican looking guy.

Hino Mart[edit]

Item Shop
Item Price
Mid Mushroom 20
Maple Syrup 30
Pick Me Up 5
Able Juice 4
Freshen Up 50
Armor Shop
Item Price
Fire Shirt 90
Fire Pants 90
Fire Cape 90
Fire Shell 90
Fire Dress 90

His name is Hinopio and he runs a shop and an inn here in the midst of the volcano. At the left counter there's the item shop, use the opportunity to stock up on items. In the middle there's the inn if you want to rest (is rather expensive, though) and at the right there's the Armor Shop. Get all the armor and equip it, then continue your journey. There's a save point right behind the shop so save if you want. In the next area you must cross the lava pit again, but this time the patforms are smaller, and they will fall down if you step on them for too long. A miniboss will await you in the following room who you may have heard about...

Miniboss: Czar Dragon[edit]

This is the Czar Dragon the Royal Family was talking about. He has some strong specials so be sure to heal often. Mario should attack physically, Mallow should use Snowy and Geno should cast Geno Boost on everyone and heal if necessary. He may also call in some small fireballs that work like Bob-ombs, but Mallow's Snowy will knock them out easily.

After you have dished out enough damage of him, he will die, but only to resurrect as Zombone. Zombone is even stronger so watch out. Mallow should switch to using Shocker, Mario should physically attack or use Ultra Jump and Geno should heal. If you still have some Pure Water, try it on him. He won't die, but instead he will attack himself, which does some damage. Anyway, heal if needed and eventually, he should faint.

Barrel Volcano, part 2[edit]

Now, go forward. You'll find the sixth Star Piece here, run up to collect it and Mario gets the sixth Star Piece...

...wait! Someone came and stole it from his hands! A group has taken the Star Piece for themselves, now follow them all the way to the top of the volcano. This time, the Blade will arrive in time, and they will all mount it to fight...

BOSS: Axem Rangers[edit]

These guys can be rather difficult to control. If you have a Crystalline, use it immediately as you will need it in this fight. When they attack, they'll do a lot of damage so you will need to heal frequently. First, you should kill Pink as she has strong healing specials. She is weak to fire so use Super Flame to do a lot of damage. Once she's gone, kill the others in any order. Mallow should probably use Shocker on black while Mario Super Jumps Yellow and Geno heals or uses Geno Blast/Geno Flash. Mallow can take out Green and Red with Snowy since both are weak to ice.

Once all of them are defeated, they will mount the cannon behind them. This thing can do Breaker Beam, an absolutely devastating attack so be sure to heal beforehand. It needs to charge up after that which gives you the opportunity to attack. Mallow should use Shocker against the cannon since it's weak to Thunder. Overall, the cannon does not have much HP so it should be dead quickly.

You get the sixth Star Piece, and this time for real. Return to Nimbus Castle to continue your journey.