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Bees fly around a beehive, which appear occasionally in the game. They don’t attack unless you get close to the hive. Mario can destroy a hive by spraying it with enough water, but then all the bees inside come out and attack. It’s impossible to defeat bees without Yoshi so it’s ill advised to disturb a hive without him. If you have Yoshi then go ahead with due caution since you generally get a coin for each bee Yoshi eats and a blue coin or 1-up for eating an entire swarm.


A white, squid-like creature found in Ricco Harbor. They try to squirt ink on you when you get close but their aim is terrible. You can spray then to make them dizzy for a while, or you can squish it for a coin. In Ricco Harbor ch. 2 and 6 there are colored varieties that have been trained so you can ride them.


A walking black bomb that appears in Pinna Park and Noki Bay where a Monty Mole throws it at you. They can be stunned by spraying them, this turns them blue and you can then safely pick them up to throw at a nearby enemy. If not stunned they soon start a countdown and explode. The countdown takes longer to begin when stunned.


A slobbering ghost found in the hotel in Sirena Beach. They can turn invisible and mimic a coin or Shadow Mario. There is a pink variety that turns into a block when sprayed. The white ones can be defeated for a coin by a jump on the head.


The Final Boss in the game he is also partnered up with Bowser Jr. who caused the crime and made Shadow Mario and the graffiti. They are at Corona Mountain. To defeat them run to each of the five corners and keep spraying Water.


A fish in Gelato Beach and Noki Bay that will drag Mario under the water when he is swimming. This isn't really dangerous unless Mario is already low on air. Indestructible but there is a glitch when Mario swims while carrying a fruit, the fish will chase him but will not be able to touch him. Look similar to a cheep-cheep.

Bullet Bill[edit]

A missile that comes from the cannon operated by a monty mole in Pinna Park or by Bowser Jr. in Corona Mountain. Black ones just explode when they land, but you can spray them in mid-air to get two coins. Purple ones (aka Bull's Eye Bills) will target Mario directly. Their nose blinks red when locked on and they will follow Mario until they collide with something. Spray or jump on them in mid-air for two coins. Gold ones behave like black ones but drop ten coins if sprayed in mid-air.


Tiny and harmless, but you sometimes get a reward if Yoshi eats them. The reward depends on the color: for yellow you get a coin, green a 1-up, and for blue you get a blue coin.


A walking duck that appears in Gelato Beach. They will chase after Mario if he is spotted, and if he gets caught he will get thrown up in the air. The Blue ones do no damage to Mario this way but the red ones do. Spray them or lead them into a dune bud to stun them, you can then bounce on top of them for a coin. They will be destroyed if thrown into the air by a dune bud or if you can lure them into water. Sometimes found sleeping. The plungelo looks similar but is larger.

Chain Chomp[edit]

An odd looking creature that looks like a cannon ball with a chain attached and behaves like an unruly dog. It appears in Pianta Village. It cannot be defeated but you can cool it off temporarily and drag it around by the chain. The Chain Chomplet is the puppy version.


A leaping fish that appears in Ricco Harbor and Noki Bay. You can spray them away but they immediately reappear. Mostly harmless but they may knock you down if they collide with you. They are very useful in episode 8 of Ricco Harbor.


A giant eel that sticks it’s head out of the bottom of Noki Bay.

Egg Koopa[edit]

A Koopa that hides in the sand so it look like an egg. Spray them to get them to chase you, the lure them into the open sand and stay in one spot until they try jump on top of you. Dodge this and the monster is stuck on its back in the sand. Jump and pound it while it’s vulnerable. This releases six coins.


A Koopa (i.e. turtle) appearing in Pinna Park and having an abnormally large, electric shell. The ones with blue shells wander around on the ground shoot their shells out at Mario when he gets close. If you try to jump on them, you'll be electrocuted. Instead, wait for them to throw their shells, dodge the shell and shoot the vulnerable Koopa using FLUDD. When the shell returns, the combination of water and electricity will shock the Koopa, releasing three or four coins. The ones with pink shells are found climbing on grates and can only be defeated by pounding on the grate from the other side.

Gooper Blooper[edit]

A larger form of a Blooper with a cork in its mouth. It is a boss in some levels.

Swoopin Stu[edit]

A bubble that is spawned by some types of goo and will attack Mario by jumping at him. Spray to destroy or dodge and they leave a spot of goo when they pop. They make an irritating sound before attacking.


A creature that flies by flapping its ears and drops goo. These appear in Bianco Hills and Pianta Village. Spray to have it drop coins, up to nine. Spray again to get a 1-UP. To defeat, keep spraying until it is driven to the ground, you then get a tenth coin.

King Boo[edit]

A giant boo that haunts the basement of the Sirena Beach casino.

Phanta Manta[edit]

A giant paper thin manta ray that spreads electric goop in Sirena Beach.

Mecha Bowser[edit]

Another Boss being controlled by Bowser Jr. It attacks by breathing fire from its mouth and launching Bullet Bills.

Monty Mole[edit]

A mole that likes to hijack cannons, appearing as the main enemy in a chapter of Pinna Park and Noki Village. They throw bob-bombs when you get close. They also shoot bullet bills or throw balls of goop depending where you find them. To defeat, throw disabled bob-ombs at them. This produces a shine sprite.

Petey Piranha[edit]

He sometimes is an easy boss. He is the biggest Piranha Plant baby ever born. He likes to vomit up goop and throw tornadoes at enemies, especially Mario.


A brightly colored bird that flies around and occasionally perches. These are harmless but they drop items if you spray them. Green ones drop gold coins while blue ones drop blue coins and disappear from the game after you collect it. There are also a couple of yellow ones in the game which drop sprites, and a single red one that drops a red coin. Though they fly around quite a bit, an individual bird will only perch in one spot, so learn where these places are and wait nearby for an opportunity to spray them get the items.

Pig Puff[edit]

A small creature that has the appearance of a tiny pig and bounces around like a balloon. Pig Puffs will chase Mario when the normal nozzle is equiped, and will latch on to the normal nozzle. Press and hold the R button for a couple of seconds and the Pig Puff will swell up and become red. Release R button to send it flying! They come in handy in episode 4 of Bianco Hills.

Polluted Piranha[edit]

Polluted Piranhas are gate keepers or creatures that live inside goop blotches. They are only awakened by certain parts in goop. Find a part on an island with sludge. Erase as much goop as possible before you hit something that sparks. Keep shooting it until the slimy plant has arisen for revenge. There are three types: One made of magic goop that is standard, one made of muddy goop that will occasionally spit out mud balls, and an inky one, which will go down into the inky goop after three hits, but then will release an army of Swooping Stus and will need three more hits.

Piranha Plant[edit]

A piranha plant that can appear in thick muddy goo in Bianco Hills. Spray to cause them to swell up and explode, releasing three coins.


A larger version of the cataquack that appears on the giant mirrors in Gelato Beach. Spray them until they start to totter at the edge, them pound the opposite edge of the mirror to flip them into the air.


A strange, cactus-like creature made of a stack of spiky yellow spheres. They are disguised as regular pink flowers until Mario comes close. They attack by leaning until they hit the ground, this causes them to get stuck for a second and they are then vulnerable to being squished for a coin. For two extra coins, do a back-flip and land on their top segment while they are upright.

Pokey Head[edit]

A large, head-only version of a Pokey which hides the same way a Pokey does. These can move by hopping and chase Mario if he gets close. Hop on top for a coin or spray to cause them to collide with a wall for three coins.

Shadow Mario[edit]

In certain times, he will carry a Yoshi Egg or one of FLUDD's attachments. He is a boss for some levels.

Seedy Pod[edit]

A blue variety of Mini Pokey which does not come out of the ground. When Mario is near them, they will hide underground, leaving their leaves exposed so they can shoot seeds at Mario. Spray them from a distance to stun them and then jump on them for a coin.

Sleeping Boo[edit]

A large Boo that sleeps in the hotel in Sirena Beach. Harmless unless touched, it block doors and paths that Mario needs to get through. Defeat by having Yoshi eat it.

Yellow Scuddle Bug[edit]

A bright yellow scuddle bug that crawls on walls and grates in Ricco Harbor. If on a grate you can defeat them by pounding the other side. Otherwise have Yoshi eat them. Usually drop a blue coin.


A small, spherical creature with a large nose and polka-dot patterned pants. Usually a simple jump on the head will destroy them; sometimes this yields a coin. Spraying will flip them over and they can then be knocked or sprayed into a wall or off to infinity. There are a number of variations. Strollin' Stu is the most common and will chase Mario and hurt him on contact. Searin' Stu is similar except on fire. To defeat them you first have to put them out by spraying them so that they turn brown. Soarin' Stu has insect-like wings and can fly. They can steal Mario's hat and he takes damage every few seconds until he gets it back. To kill these, spray them to the ground and jump on their heads.


These are insects that skim the top of a pond like a water strider, appearing on the lake in Bianco Hills. These occasionally disappear when they hit the shore, but otherwise they are impossible to get rid of unless you have Yoshi eat them. Spraying them will stun them for a few seconds, you can then jump on top to bounce high in the air.


A giant caterpillar that makes trouble on Gelato Beach

Wind elemental[edit]

A living whirlwind that attacks with a blast of air. These mysterious monsters inhabit high places. You can spray them away but it may be easier to dodge their attack. To do this, listen for the sound they make just before they strike and jump. Can be eaten by Yoshi for a coin.