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There is a pathway in this game to get from Yoshi's House to Bowser's Front Door in only 12 levels. If you hurry and don't die you can beat it in about 15 minutes.

  1. Yoshi's Island 2
  2. Yoshi's Island 3
  3. Yoshi's Island 4
  4. Iggy's Castle
  5. Donut Plains 1: Take the key exit (right near the end of the level, high in the air.)
  6. Donut Secret 1: Take the key exit (when you see the P-Switch, pick it up and carry it until you get to where the key is, then hit the P-Switch to get to the key.)
  7. Donut Secret House: Take the secret exit (see the level walkthrough.) Then go to the star road entrance.
  8. Star World 1: Take the key exit of course (and for all the star road levels listed here.)
  9. Star World 2
  10. Star World 3
  11. Star World 4: This is a little tricky to get the key, since you didn't go to the red and green switch palaces. You need to use the red yoshi you get at the beginning of the level and swallow a Blue Koopa so you get wings. Then you can fly under the level where the key is. Use a cape to hit the switch to get the key. After completing this, go into the Star Road exit under Star World 4 (the one on the bottom-right.)
  12. Bowser's Front Door: Beat Bowser and you'll have finished the game!