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In Super Mario World, there are several types of blocks. Some blocks appeared in previous Super Mario games, but the most of them are new or are changed. For example, the brown brick blocks have disappeared and are replaced by a yellow block with two eyes. In Super Mario Bros, it is said that they are people of the Mushroom Kingdom that were turned into blocks by Bowser.

Rotating Block[edit]

SMW Rotating Block.png

Rotating Blocks are the most common type of block in Super Mario World. They are similar to the Brick Blocks found in previous Mario games, but with one key difference, they don't break when you hit their underside. Instead of breaking, most of these blocks will begin to spin for a short period of time, allowing you to pass through them. To break a Rotating Block, land on it while performing a spin jump.

Sometimes what might look like an ordinary Rotating Block is actually a block containing coins or an item (such as a Super Mushroom or a Fire Flower), some can also cause a vine to grow out of it that Mario can climb. Jumping against the underside of these blocks will cause the item to pop out. Often times when an items will begin moving after they are revealed. The direction that the item will go is based on which side of the block you hit it on. If you hit the block on the left, the item will move right, and if you hit the block on the right, the item will move left.

There is also another rare variation that when activated will cause a trail of coins to come from the block. The direction of the coins can be controlled using the Neutral Dpad.

If there are enemies walking over a Rotating Block (as well as most other blocks), you can defeat them easily by jumping into the block beneath them. Of course, you must hit the block from below.

Used Block[edit]

SMW Used Block.png

Used Blocks are ? or ! Blocks after they've been hit. They have an angry expression. They can't be broken, although they can be turned into coins (and vice versa) for a short time. To do this, step on a blue P-switch (not the one in the blue switch palace, but a small switch that you can grab and take it with you). For a short period, you'll hear a timer and all of the solid blocks will turn into coins, but all coins that were in the same room before you pressed the switch will now turn into solid blocks, creating walls but sometimes also new paths for you. You can also combine this technique with a block that produces a "wire" of coins. Just hit the block first, then step on the switch and guide the blocks into the direction that you want.

Roulette Block[edit]

SMW Roulette Block.png

Roulette Blocks are translucent blocks with an item inside. The item inside the block changes every second. Jumping on the block from below, or spinning your cape onto it, will cause the item to come out, but it will continue to change. You can also eat the item out of the block without hitting it on a Yoshi.

? Block[edit]

SMW Question Mark Block.png

? Blocks always contain items. It can be one or more coins, but it can also be any power-up, or a Green Yoshi (red, yellow, and blue ones are exclusive to the Star World). To get as much coins out of a ?-block, stand under it and start jumping very fast. When the block has no more items in it, it will turn into a Used block. You can't break ? blocks by spin-jumping on them. They sometimes appear if you press a P-switch, creating new paths for you. At the start of some courses is a Starman, if you grab it and then run you'll sometimes find another ?-block. Jumping against it while you're still invincible will sometimes pop a new Starman out of it. Grab it and run further, until you see another ?-block, repeating the trick, and so on.

! Blocks[edit]

SMW ! Blocks (Smaller).png

! Blocks are very special blocks. There are 4 different types. ! Blocks only appear after you've pressed the big ! switch of the same color in a Switch Palace. Until then, only the outlines of the ! Blocks appear.

  • If you hit the underside of a yellow ! Block, a Super Mushroom will come out.
  • If you hit the underside of a green ! Block, a Cape Feather will come out.
  • If you hit the underside of a blue or red ! Block, nothing will come out.

Each ! Block can prove useful as when activated can lead to secrets. They can also bridge gaps which make completing a level much easier.

Grab Block[edit]

SMW Grab Block.png

Grab Blocks look like blue turn blocks, but can't be turned. However, as their name implies, they can be picked up. When picked up, they begin to flash different colors, and will eventually disappear after a short time. Like any other object that can be picked up, they can be thrown as well. While you are under water, you can use them as a lifesaver float, so you can swim easier.

Note Block[edit]

SMW Note Block.png

Note Blocks are somewhat similar to jump pads, but note blocks can appear also off the ground, unlike jump pads. If you jump on them, you'll jump back up a little bit. If you press and then hold the jump button while jumping on a note block, you'll jump very high. Sometimes a item will come out, but never coins. Note blocks appeared for the first time in Super Mario Bros. 3. Note blocks can appear as gold or white. The gold ones let you jump way higher than the white ones.

Triangle Block[edit]

SMW Triangle Block.png

Triangle Blocks allow Mario to run up adjacent walls. Simply run towards the block and Mario will continue up the wall. If you don't maintain your speed the effect will wear off and Mario will fall.

If you're riding Yoshi, Triangle Blocks act as if they're Jump Pads, causing you to bounce off and jump really high.

Bonus Block[edit]

SMW Star Block.png

Bonus Blocks can give you one of two things, based on how many coins you collect in the level. You can get a coin (only one), but you can also get a precious 1-Up. Collect 30 or more coins in one course to get a 1-Up when you hit it. They don't appear very often, but there's one in Yoshi's Island 3 at the end of the stage. After you've jumped against them, they'll just turn into solid blocks.

Power Block[edit]

SMW Power Block (On).png
SMW Power Block (Off).png

Power Blocks appear in some castles and in some courses too. You can control the ceiling or something else, such as the path of a moving platform with it. When you enter a room in a castle with a power block, the ceiling will usually come down. Just keep your head cool and run toward a power block, then hit the underside of it. The text on it will change, and so does the color of it. When you've hit it the ceiling will go back, but when it has reached its highest point, it will come down again, so hurry up if you don't want to get squeezed.

Message Block[edit]

SMW Message Block.png

Message Blocks display hints and other messages when you hit the underside of them. The one in Yoshi's House is unique, because the text will be different depending on if you are riding Yoshi or not.

P-Switch Blocks[edit]

SMW Blue P-Switch Block.png

When pressed, Blue P-Switch Blocks cause a few things to occur for a limited amount of time:

  • Turns Used Blocks into coins
  • Turns coins into Used Blocks
  • Allows Mario to access hidden doors
  • Reveals hidden coins
  • Reveals hidden ? Blocks
SMW Grey P-Switch Block.png

When pressed, Grey P-Switch Blocks turn most enemies into Silver Coins. Collecting eight of these coins awards Mario an extra life. Collecting one more gives Mario two extra lives. After nine coins, Mario will earn three extra lives for each additional coin. Also, Grey P-Switch Blocks can turn Munchers and Jelectros into regular coins.

Boo Buddies[edit]

SMW boo buddies block.gif

Boo Buddies are very special Boos. They were created by the Boos to fool Mario and Luigi, since Boo Buddies can turn into solid blocks, so Mario and Luigi would think that they were surrounded just by ordinary blocks. When Mario or Luigi then watched in the other direction, Boo Buddies could grab them. The plan didn't work. Boo Buddies only helped you out of the ghost house, instead of keeping you in. The strategy to let Boo Buddies create a stair for you so you can just walk out of the ghosthouse: just walk away from the Boo Buddies, so that they'll follow you. If they have reached the place you want, just turn around and they'll turn into solid blocks.

Hidden Blocks[edit]

Hidden Blocks are blocks that are invisible. You can't see them, but if you hit a hidden block you'll stop moving. If you jump against the underside of it, something useful will always come out of the block. After being hit, hidden blocks turn into visible, solid blocks, which can sometimes allow you to reach places you couldn't otherwise.