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Butter Bridge 2
Level type Elevated
Entrance Butter Bridge 1
Exit Ludwig's Castle
Secret Exit None
Time at Start 300


  • The Super Koopa with the flashing cape provides you with a feather just like in Donut Plains 1.
  • Further on, you can kick a green Koopa shell against a ? block up in the sky to receive a second feather.
  • Koopas will kick down shells at you from above. They will never run off the ledge they're standing on, so once they've released their payload, you're safe. You'll still need to avoid the Super Koopas, though.
  • If you have Yoshi, be sure to swallow one of the blue shells so you can fly through the rest of the stage.
  • From here on, infinite Super Koopas will fly through the sky. They're annoying, but not that difficult to avoid.
  • Of the two blue pipes, the right one leads to a bonus area (see below).
  • The ? block at the ground contains Yoshi. However, you'll only be able to hit it if you carry one of the Koopa shells from the beginning over here.
  • You'll end up on the platform which starts moving immediately. There's not much to do here except collecting a few coins.
  • If you don't have Yoshi, you can use the rope to reach a few more coins up in the sky. Don't bother with it if you have Yoshi with you, you can easily reach those coins with him.
  • Enter the pipe at the end to return at the green pipe.
  • The Super Koopa swarm will stop once you reach the end of the level. One last group will ambush you before you get to the goal tape.

Dragon Coin locations[edit]

The five Dragon Coins in this level are located as follows:

  • On a cloud platform near the beginning (need a cape to get up).
  • Just before the area with the Koopa shells.
  • Next to one of the platforms where a Koopa kicks shells at you. It's a bit difficult to jump up there, so you should simply fly.
  • Inside the bonus area.
  • Above the void near the end (need to fly to get it).