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Cheese Bridge Area
Level type
Entrance Lemmy's Castle
Exit Cookie Mountain
Secret Exit Soda Lake
Time at Start 300


  • Before you start, be sure to grab the feather from the ? block.
  • There are three platforms at the beginning, which will only move once you step on them. The bottom one will eventually lead into the void, so only take it if you want to collect Dragon Coins. Both the middle and top ones are safe, but the top one will allow you to jump to the midway gate at the end as well.
  • Your progress will be hampered by buzzsaws which you need to jump over. Note: if you have Yoshi and are running, you can bounce on top of the saws. Having a cape on Mario will allow you to pass this level by running, bouncing, and floating across, rather than waiting for platforms to take you.
  • On your way, if you're on the top platform you will get an opportunity to get another feather on the way.
  • If you can keep the platforms and a few of the buzzsaws on the screen, sprite overload will keep the rest from appearing. This makes it much easier to cross this section.
  • The sole ? block at the end contains Yoshi Wings. If you have Yoshi with you, jump into the wings and you will soar up to the bonus area. This will count as completing the level (even if you fall down the void in the bonus area), and on top of that, your Yoshi will turn blue!
  • The blue pipe leads to a bonus area (see below).
  • You'll get the opportunity to try out the ropes here before it actually gets serious near the end. The ropes move as soon as you grab them, and you can move up and down the ropes anytime.
  • At the end you'll have to use the rope to cross a large gap with loads of buzzsaws on the way. This section is difficult to cross with Yoshi, but it's possible by bouncing off the buzzsaws.
  • There isn't much to this area, you simply need to cross the pit. However, Bullet Bills will be coming at you diagonally from the corners - avoid them!
  • Enter the pipe at the end. You will return at the yellow pipe.
  • Before the rope falls down into the pit, jump off to the goal tape to complete the level.
  • You can also attempt to drop off at the platform below and leap over to the goal tape, but it's more difficult.
3-up moon
Adventurous players who discover the secret exit will find a 3-up moon waiting for them just before the goal tape. It's a great reward for such a hard to find secret exit!

Secret Exit[edit]

This level does contain a secret exit. However, if you went through the level, you should have noticed no traces of one existing. The map reveals it easily; the secret exit is hidden behind the normal exit. To reach it, you will need to fly beneath the normal exit and then rise back up through the floor.

This is possible with the cape, but it requires a great deal of flying skills. An easier way is to use Yoshi. Get him to the last platform before the goal tape. Get a running jump, fall down beneath the normal exit and jump off Yoshi at the last second to get back up through the floor. Once you're there, run to the end to find another goal tape which unlocks the secret exit.

Dragon Coin locations[edit]

The five Dragon Coins in this level are located as follows:

  • At the beginning, take the bottom platform. The Dragon Coin will be on the way.
  • After the previous Dragon Coin, get up to the top platform. It's floating in mid-air.
  • Get back down to the bottom platform again. The Dragon Coin is found near the end of the voyage.
  • Above the blue pipe.
  • On the way when you hold on the rope.