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Choco-Ghost House
Level type Ghost House
Entrance Chocolate Island 1
Exit Chocolate Island 2
Secret Exit none
Time at Start 300


  • The gaps in the floor move back and forth. As such, you should not try to run right in them and jump over the gaps as you see them.
  • Halfway through, a Fishin' Boo will pursue you. Its flame is lethal, and its presence really restricts your ability to jump, making it difficult to avoid incoming threats.
  • You can get a feather from the ? block if you wish.
  • At the end, you can obviously only enter the door if it's not suspended in mid-air. Once solid ground comes back, enter it to get to the second area.
  • This area contains several new enemies. The Boos move diagonally and bounce off walls just like the fireballs that appear in castles.
  • The Boo blocks are more interesting: if you turn their back they pursue you, but if you look towards them they become blocks that are perfectly safe to stand on.
  • The flower in the ? block is a bit difficult to collect and best avoided. You can, however, go to the very end of the area and grab the 1-up mushroom from the turn block if you wish.
  • Ultimately, you will want to reach the door at the top. To do so, you must lure the Boo blocks towards you so they form a staircase that allows you to reach the door. A different, but harder way is to spin jump off the Boos in the area.
  • Once you have reached the door, you're done; the door leads to the goal tape.