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Donut Secret 2
Level type Underground
Entrance Donut Secret House
Exit Donut Plains 3
Secret Exit No Secret Paths
Time at Start 300

Situated on the heights of the Valley of Bowser, this icy level is very slippery and it's too easy to fall down a pit. Watch your step!


  • Stomp the Koopa Troopa at the beginning and kick its shell against the ? block on the ground. A coin trail will appear and allow you to get a few coins.
  • With the springboard, you can reach the turn block up in the air, which contains a vine. Climb up the vine and you'll reach a platform where you'll find a Starman inside another turn block. This allows you to run through the Spike Tops that appear here with no issues.
  • If you didn't get the Starman, watch your step! It's incredibly easy to slide into an enemy, like the ones you find here, accidentally. Be careful and jump over enemies in your way.
  • Crossing the pipes is not easy. The Munchers that hide between the pipes are lethal, and the Piranha Plants that pop out of the pipes make it ever the harder to cross this section unharmed. The slipperiness of this level makes the ordeal just worse. Try to spin jump off the Piranha Plants to make it across.
  • Another option is Yoshi. He can stand on top of the Munchers without being harmed, and eat the Piranha Plants. This makes the pipes section trivial.
  • The green pipe leads to a bonus area (see below).
  • The platforms fall down as soon as Mario steps on them. It is possible to cross this pit the normal way, but it's incredibly difficult without the Cape due to the Piranha Plants.
  • The easier way is to jump at the ? block at the beginning, which contains a P-Balloon. With this, you can safely soar across the pit and pick up a few coins on your way.
  • Enter the pipe at the end to exit the bonus area. You'll return at the yellow pipe.
  • Normally, this turn block only contains a coin. If you're extremely skilled however, you can try taking the Starman from the very beginning and then running all across the level to this turn block. If you're still invincible by the time you reach this turn block, it will contain another Starman, and you'll be able to get tons of 1-Ups from all the Koopas and Spike Tops in this level.
  • At the end, jump on top of the row of Paratroopas. You will get a 1-Up by the time you worked your way through them all. Just be sure to not fall into the pit yourself!

Dragon Coin locations[edit]

The five Dragon Coins in this level are located as follows:

  • In the air past the first Green Koopa Troopa.
  • Next to the platform with the Starman.
  • Just after the first two Spike Tops.
  • Between some pillars after the third Dragon Coin.
  • After the green pipe, guarded by several Spike Tops.