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Forest Fortress
Level type
Entrance Forest Secret Area
Exit Star World 4
Secret Exit none
Time at Start 300


  • This room is rather similar to the second area of Iggy's Castle. It's an autoscrolling room where giant logs come from above to crush you. Ironically, the same strategy from before applies here too - stay at the right side and you will be relatively safe.
  • However, there's some added difficulty due to Grinders, which you will need to avoid in addition to the logs.
  • If you have completed all four Switch Palaces, there will be no pits for you to deal with. If all or some of them are missing, you'll have greater difficulty crossing this area safely.
  • The door at the end leads to the second area.
  • The Grinders here don't move along a set path like those in the area you came from, but they freely traverse the ground and bounce off walls. This means you'll have a harder time avoiding them.
  • Despite the ramp, you shouldn't try to use it to get up that wall. Spin jumping off the Grinders is a safer way.
  • The lava pit is somewhat difficult to cross with not one, but two Podoboos trying to cause trouble. Get a running jump and try not to run into one of them.
  • The stepping stones help cross the bridge since you're safe from the Grinders there. You still need to watch the Podoboos, though.
  • Once you cross the lava pit, two Grinders will immediately rush towards you. Be prepared for them!
  • The single ? block in the alcove provides a feather and is a last opportunity to get a power-up before the mini-boss. You don't need to get to the passageway above - just go ahead and enter the boss door.
  • Now here's a challenge for those who consider themselves experts: if you can manage to cross the lava pit, you will be rewarded with a whopping nine 1-up mushrooms!
  • There are basically two strategies to this: one is to simply fly as high as you can along the ceiling to clear all the Podoboos.
  • The other strategy is more tedious and involves bouncing off the Podoboos with a spin jump instead. It requires a great deal of precision and it's too easy to slip off and fall into the lava.
  • The boss door at the end leads to the very same mini-boss room, so there's nothing gained there.

Mini-boss: Reznor[edit]

  • Reznor fights just like in Vanilla Fortress, so see that page for reference.
  • However, this time the floor breaks off quite a bit faster, so you must seek out one of the platforms sooner to avoid falling into the lava.
  • Once Reznor is defeated, the path to Star Road will be unlocked.