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Forest Secret Area
Level type
Entrance Forest of Illusion 4
Exit Forest Fortress
Secret Exit none
Time at Start 300


  • To start your journey through the level, jump on one of the two platforms at the beginning.
  • The platforms move in a zigzag motion through the level. The first moves up first, the second moves down first. Both will eventually lead to the goal tape, but they take different paths through the level.
  • There are no real obstacles on your way, besides the Paratroopas that roam the area. They're pretty easy to avoid though.
  • The top ? block here contains a feather, while the bottom ? block has a flower.
  • If you have activated the blue switch blocks, you'll be able to snatch a 1-up mushroom from the turn block. It's possible without as well, but it's a lot harder.
  • The 1-up mushrooms at the end, unfortunately, turn into coins as soon as you pass the goal tape. If you want to get these, you'll need to enter the level as Cape Mario without Yoshi, take off from the beginning and fly all the way to the end. If you were offscreen when you passed the goal tape, it will not trigger the end of the level and you'll be able to pick the 1-up mushrooms at your leisure.

Dragon Coin locations[edit]

The five Dragon Coins in this level are scattered across the area and all marked on the map. It's easy to collect them but you'll need to switch platforms a few times.