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Forest of Illusion 1
Level type Above-Ground Forest
Entrance Ludwig's Castle
Exit Forest of Illusion 2
Secret Exit Forest Ghost House
Time at Start 300


  • Wiggles run around everywhere in this level. You can jump on them, but they will only get mad. You'll need Yoshi or a fireball to truly defeat them.
  • The first ? block contains a flower. The second one, further ahead, contains Yoshi.
  • If you have Yoshi and the cape, you can fly around and collect all the berries hanging at the treetops. The pink berries are the most worthwhile because you can potentially get 1-ups from these.
  • The springboard that lies around is completely useless. Don't bother with it.
  • The lone turn block among the note blocks contains a 1-up mushroom. Once it's out, hit the note blocks from below to bump it out of its shelter, then collect it before it falls into the pit.
  • Past the midway tape, a cycling power-up can be found. Collect it when it's a Starman and run forward through all the enemies to get lots of 1-ups.
  • Enemies will drop from above here! Don't get ambushed by them, and jump past them once they've landed.
  • The wooden platform contains loads of Wigglers. With a cape you can land on them repeatedly and get 1-ups and potentially glitch the game... (see Glitches section)
  • The only thing standing between you and the goal tape is an Amazin' Flyin' Hammer Brother. Kick him out of his platform and then ride it to the goal tape.

Secret Exit[edit]

The key and keyhole are located on an isolated ledge below the wooden platform - but how do you get there? It's simple - there's a ? block just after the wooden platform. It contains a P-Balloon, collect it and float to the left, avoiding the Paratroopa. Strangely, there's a sort of invisible wind here, and if you're not careful, it could blow you backward. You'll have to deal with this wind while you're still inflated with the P-balloon. Make sure you're above the platform when it runs out, otherwise, say hello to the abyss.

Once on the platform, hit the ? block to obtain the key, and put it into the keyhole to unlock the secret exit.