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Roy's Castle
Level type
Entrance Forest of Illusion 3
Exit Chocolate Island 1
Secret Exit none
Time at Start 300


  • Run down the corridor and drop down on the set of brown blocks. Once you set afoot on it, it begins moving across the level.
  • You will need to jump around so you don't fall off your transport. As well, there's a Podoboo and several fireballs which you need to avoid.
  • Flying won't do you any good here. You will most likely hit the fireballs and fly down into the lava.
  • Beware when you are in the spike pit. If you jump where you shouldn't, you will get hit by those spikes.
  • Some of the spikes fall down when you come near them. Keep your eye out for these and avoid them.
  • Jump off your ride before it goes straight down into the pit. You'll need to continue on foot from here.
  • The Bowser statues spew fire, but otherwise won't do anything and can be stood on without difficulty.
  • While the map shows a 1-up mushroom being present at the top, sprite overload works against your favor here. Oftentimes it will just not appear, so the P-Switch won't do anything besides allowing you to collect some coins.
  • The turn blocks at the end expand and contract just like in Yoshi's Island 3. You'll get an opportunity to grab a feather here if you've activated the green switch blocks.
  • At the end, enter the boss door to meet the boss of this castle.

BOSS: Roy Koopa[edit]


  • Roy fights pretty similar to Morton. As such, the same strategies apply to him too.
  • However, this time the walls will move closer and eventually crush you if you take too long, so you are a bit under pressure. It's not too bad though.

Once Roy is gone, Mario destroys his castle and moves on to Chocolate Island.

Dragon Coin locations[edit]

The five Dragon Coins in this level are located as follows:

  • At the beginning, hovering above the lava pit.
  • Three are inside the spike pit.
  • One is near the end where the turn blocks expand and contract.