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Level type Elevated
Entrance Gnarly
Exit Way Cool
Secret Exit None
Time at Start 300

This is the most frustrating level in the game and impossible if you don't know what to do. The main means of completion is through the use of balloons. However, it is possible to complete the level by using a blue Yoshi.


Jump onto and past the Chuck ahead. Go past the next pipe, but watch out for the piranha, and run and jump into the Dragon Coin and over the Chuck. Go over the yellow pipes and activate the P-Switch. There are two ways to collect the P-Balloon. One: quickly drop down and left onto the springboard, and hit the [?] block and collect the P-Balloon that comes from it. Two: Jump to the right side of the [?] block and do a spin jump while on you're in the air, the P-Balloon will come out of that side and you will collect it immediately, which will allow you to avoid enemies. Float and get the Dragon Coin that's under the block, and go up and collect the Dragon Coin above the Chuck on the block. Hit the ? block just to the right and renew your inflation timer with the P-Balloon. Head through the flying Koopas and collect the Dragon Coin that is between the volcano flowers when the coast is clear. Go onward, past the yellow pipe and under the Chuck so you can get another P-Balloon. Now watch out for footballs from the above Chuck when getting it, because unless you are prepared, one WILL hit you. I recommend that you wait until one has been throw and gone, then hit the block and get the P-Balloon. Hit the block that the Chuck above is resting on (for safety sake, and for revenge) and go under the next to volcano flowers, and onto the exit. Save.

Alternately, you can complete the level by using a blue Yoshi and the cape. Progress to the P-Switch and stomp it. Jump and float to the next ? block, onto Charging Chuck, onto a second ? block, and then onto a group of coins temporarily transformed into blocks. Immediately grab one of the red-shelled Koopas. Fly the rest of the way, staying as low as possible to avoid the obstacles.