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Vanilla Dome 2
Level type
Entrance Vanilla Dome 1
Exit Vanilla Ghost House
Secret Exit Red Switch Palace
Time at Start 300


  • You'll start at the ceiling and fall down into the small pool of water at the very beginning. Pass the enemies and you'll be able to get a flower from the second ? block.
  • Cheep-Cheep are abound in the waters in this level. It can be difficult to avoid them, but you can grab the shells the Buzzy Beetles leave behind and use them for self-defense.
  • At the end of the pool of water, hit the turn block to reveal a vine. Climb it up to continue ahead. (Note that if you have Yoshi, you'll have to leave him behind here, as you cannot climb vines with him. It's possible to get Yoshi past this point by bouncing off the blue buzzy beetle as it falls down, but the timing can be very difficult.)
  • When you see three ? blocks, hit the right one for a feather. Jump at the very left to reveal a hidden ? block containing a 1-up mushroom.
  • You'll be given the option to jump out of the water or continue swimming through the bottom. Jumping out of the water is better because you will find the midway tape there. In any case, the ? block that serves as a stepping stone contains a flower.
  • At the top, you can go to the left to find a P-Switch. Stepping on it turns all the brown blocks below you into coins. (The ? block up there contains another flower if you were curious.)
  • The Chargin' Chucks can break through turn blocks with ease. It's difficult to jump on him with the low ceiling, so stand on the slope and wait until he charges into you to have a better chance at avoiding him.
  • Another cycling power-up awaits you at the top. Get the Starman to help you get through this part.
  • If you went with the top path you'll have to step on the P-Switch to turn the wall of brown blocks into coins.
  • The Chargin' Chuck after the wall of brown blocks guards a flower. Enter the pipe behind him to get to a bonus room (see below).
  • This level is very slippery, and it's easy to slide into enemies accidentally, so watch your step!
  • Except for a ? block that contains a few coins, there's not much to be found here.
  • Exit through the pipe to return at the orange pipe near the end of the level.
  • The Swoopers can be a bit difficult to deal with. Take on them one at a time and don't try to wake multiple at once.
  • You're especially unfortunate if you came here from the bonus room, as you will appear right in the middle of the large group of Swoopers. Jump immediately or you will get hurt.
  • The Splittin' Chuck at the end has the ability to split up into three Chargin' Chucks. Luckily, you can use the ? block and the high ledges here to avoid this threat.

Secret Exit[edit]

The key and keyhole are hidden in a secluded area of the level that is not normally accessible. To get there, get to the area where the path forks. Jump out of the water, get onto the right ledge and jump over to the left one. Run to the end until you see a P-Switch. Grab it and run to the left until you come across a wall of brown blocks. Now step on the P-Switch and the blocks will turn into coins. Go to the left, jump over the first pit and fall down the second one, which is normally closed off without the P-Switch. The key is lying on the ground, and all you have to do is stick it into the keyhole found in the water - easier said than done, because there are lots of Cheep-Cheep swimming down there, and if you touch any of them, the key falls down into the abyss. You'll need some very careful swimming to make it through safely.

It's definitely worth it though, because the secret exit leads to the Red Switch Palace, which will help you a lot on your adventure.

Dragon Coin locations[edit]

The five Dragon Coins in this level are located as follows:

  • Inside the secluded area with the key and keyhole. (A cape is required to fly back up and collect the rest of the Coins.)
  • Pointing down the path through the level, practically impossible to miss.
  • In the air where the path forks.
  • On the slide at the top path.
  • Just behind the green pipe.