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Wendy's Castle
Level type Castle
Entrance Chocolate Island 5 & Chocolate Secret
Exit Sunken Ghost Ship
Secret Exit none
Time at Start 300
  • Part 1
    • You're now meeting with the first Castle with what every Mario player hates: the spikes of doom. They are harmful from the side, but they are deadly if they come down from above. Avoid them at all costs!
    • Beware of Dry Bones. They will throw bones at you.
    • Some of the spikes of doom will move faster than others, so beware.
    • Good thing this castle has a check-point.
  • Part 2
    • Lil' Sparky and Hothead can cause real trouble here. This area consists of so many moving floors!
    • Watch out for more Dry Bones in this area.
  • Part 3
    • Wendy's room is much like Lemmy's room. There are two guard Koopas that can disrupt your progress.
    • This time, the pipes provide a flat surface, but there are two fireballs instead of one!

Room 1[edit]

This castle is separated into two parts before the bossroom. In the beginning area, duck to avoid the Dry Bones missile as it comes towards you, or you can dash in front and strike it down before it can attack. Next, you'd come across the Skewers with the springs at it's base. Those Skewers are very deadly if they strike you from above, a guaranteed instant death. You'll notice how the Skewer rises and fall in a peculiar pattern (lowers slowly for about a second, suddenly drops into the ground in about half a second, rise slowly for around 3-5 seconds, pauses for 2 seconds) As the Skewer rises and stops for a second, quickly leap on the springs over the wall. After this, you'll enter a small passage with dotted lines that control grinders, quickly duck or jump if a grinder comes towards you. Jump over the lava pit after the passage and watch out for the fireballs that leap out of the lava. In the next area, you'll see a long line of Skewers with grinders between the gaps of the Skewers. Worse, unlike the previous Skewers before, these Skewers drop as soon as it lowers and it has a shorter stationary time than the one before. Also note that the pillars won't be visible when they're risen completely so take note of it's positions. If you're a first timer to this game, it is recommended that you walk past the Skewers as soon as it rises, not while it's stopped. Avoid the Grinders by ducking or jumping if necessary. If you're experienced at this, it's possible to rush through the area as soon as the Skewer rises, but it's VERY risky. In the next area, dodge the grinders while standing on the blocks by ducking often. Then you'll come across a passage where there's more Skewers, only they're moving up and down at an alarmingly fast rate. Notice how they're small spaces between the Skewers. If you time your runs carefully and position yourself correctly between the Skewers, you should have no problem bypassing this. Enter through the midway gate and into the next room.

Room 2[edit]

Here, you'll encounter new kinds of enemies: Lil sparkys and Hotheads. Lil Sparkys are small but pretty fast while Hotheads move slowly but they're pretty big. Good thing about these enemies is the fact they can be spin jumped on. Anyway, there are small platforms with a lil sparky or a hothead along with obstacles between them, some involving a platform sinking below the abyss or a platform that has a crushing moving block. Once you past through this part, there would be moving blocks that move horizontally while there are more blocks with obstacles on them. Once you've pulled through this part, nab the green block for a cape and enter the bossrom for the oncoming fight.


This fight is basically the same as Lemmys Castle (The third castle) except perhaps much easier. The pipes are lined up in a straight line unlike the awkward and cramped room in Lemmys castle. The only hard part is the fact that there are two fireballs that bounce around the room. Basically Wendy would come up from one of the pipes along with two dummies. Hit Wendy on the head three times and she falls into the lava. Congratulations! You defeated the 6th Castle!

Small tip: If you look closely at the bottom of the pipes, you'll see a couple of pixels flash underneath a pipe; that's the pipe Wendy's in. Her sprite goes down far enough that it's hidden on the top, but her feet show just a little on the bottom of the spikes, making this battle that bit easier.