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Yoshi's Island 4
Level type Elevated
Entrance Yoshi's Island 3
Exit Iggy's Castle
Secret Exit None
Time at Start 300


Secret 1-up
You can get a secret 1-up if you have activated the yellow switch blocks and have Yoshi with you. Get on the first yellow switch block, jump up and leap off Yoshi to land on a high mushroom platform. Run back and forth and you should hear the "sprout" sound. Quickly jump down, as the 1-up mushroom will land near the ? block. If you're quick, you will be able to retrieve it before it falls into the water.
  • The Cheep-Cheep in this level will jump out of the water to catch you if you wait too long. Quickly run forward to pass them.
  • It is not advisable to stay in the water for too long. The drift carries you to the left, and beside the Cheep-Cheep, you will also find spikes in the water that hurt you when touched. Try to stay on solid land whereever possible.
  • The platforms in the water sink underwater when Mario stands on them for too long. Use them as a stepping stone, but get off of them quickly. After the first plaform, you can get a flower from the lone ? block.
  • The blue pipe leads to a bonus area (see below).
  • You'll find a couple of Pokeys here, as well as a ? block with several coins inside. If you don't have Yoshi with you, it might be advisable to skip this area, as the Pokeys are a bit difficult to deal with on your own. You'll return at the green pipe in the next section.
  • To safely cross the water from the green pipe, take the lone Koopa shell and kick it up to the turn block at the very top to make a P-Switch fall down. Step on it and the coins will turn into blocks, forming a bridge across the water. However, several red Koopa Troopa will fall down as well.
  • The lone turn block near the pipe has a Starman inside. You can use it to plow through the Koopa Troopas and everything else that's on your path.
  • Use your invincibility to run through the spikes and Cheep-Cheep. If you're quick, you will make it to the end of the area unscathed.
  • Enter the pipe at the very end to reach the goal tape.

Dragon Coin locations[edit]

The five Dragon Coins in this level are located as follows:

  • On top of the first platform in the water.
  • High above the second platform in the water. Jump from the ? block to retrieve it.
  • Above the sixth platform in the water.
  • Over the water behind the green pipe, reachable by turning the coins into blocks using the P-Switch.
  • Shortly before the pipe at the end, above the ground.