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The Advanced mode is a fair bit harder and longer than Beginner, but multiple warps are available to help with that.

Floor 1 (Bump)[edit]

  • Time: 60 sec.

Similar to Plain (Beginner 1F), except the guardrails are gone and there's a bump in the middle.

Floor 2 (Walking)[edit]

  • Time: 60 sec.

The hardest part of this floor is probably the circle with the bumpers, as they can toss you around relentlessly. Go around them, and bounce over the hole in the final straightaway.

Floor 3 (Repulse)[edit]

  • Time: 60 sec.

Fairly straightforward, but keep in mind that platforms won't force the ball to start moving.

Floor 4 (Narrow Bridge)[edit]

  • Time: 30 sec.

Like Wide Bridge (Beginner 4F), except the bridge has no rails and is half as wide.

Floor 5 (Bonus Basic)[edit]

  • Time: 30 sec.

Nothing more than a copy-paste of Beginner's fifth floor, except you only get 30 seconds to complete it.

Floor 6[edit]

Floor 7[edit]

Floor 8[edit]

Floor 9[edit]

Floor 10[edit]

Floor 11[edit]

Floor 12[edit]

Floor 13[edit]

Floor 14[edit]

Floor 15[edit]

Floor 16[edit]

Floor 17[edit]

Floor 18[edit]

  • Time: 60 sec.
  • Green goal: Floor 21
  • Red goal: Floor 25

This floor has 3 goals. The goals race away from you and you must try to catch-up with them. At the start if you turn right and fall off the track you should land further down. Now the goals will be traveling toward you making it easier to get the red goal.

Floor 19[edit]

  • Time: 30 sec.

This is similar to Beginner 9 but has 2 slopes.

Floor 20[edit]