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Expert mode has 50 floors.

Floor 1[edit]

Like Beginner 1 but hollow

Floor 3[edit]

Floor 4[edit]

Floor 5[edit]

Hardest basic Bonus

Floor 6[edit]

Like Beginner 8 but split further

Floor 7[edit]

A narrower version of Advanced 17

Floor 8[edit]

Similar to Beginner 6 but hollow

Floor 9[edit]

Floor 10[edit]

Floor 11[edit]

Floor 13[edit]

Floor 18[edit]

Floor 20[edit]

Floor 21[edit]

Floor 22[edit]

Like Beginner 9 but with the Sega logo

Floor 28[edit]

Floor 29[edit]

Floor 33[edit]

Floor 36[edit]

Floor 41[edit]